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Elevate Compliance with Knitted  Sleeve Protectors

Arm LacerationsProactive safety and health programs are an effective way to prevent workplace injuries, illnesses and reduce the costs of doing business. In such programs employers and employees work together to ensure that safety and health are always part of the decisions made and all employees and supervisors are fully trained to work safely. The benefits of effective, proactive safety programs include:

  • •higher productivity and employee morale
  • •higher quality of work and products produced
  • •fewer worker injuries
  • •lower compensation insurance cost and absenteeism
  • •lower employee turnover

Accidents Happen

Potential safety hazards to hands and arms include skin absorption of harmful substances, chemical, thermal or electrical burns, bruises, abrasions, cuts, punctures, fractures or amputations.  MDS carries a variety of industrial arm protection with many functions and for different industries. 

Take metal fabrication - Metal  Fabrication  (MetFab)  is  the  process  of  building  machines  and  structures  from  raw  metal  materials. The process of MetFab includes cutting, burning, welding, machining, forming, and assembly to heavy equipment and machinery and comes with numerous hazards such as lacerations and puncture injuries.

A majority of metal fabricators suffered from abrasion, while others suffered injuries from sharp injuries.  Most have suffered from some sort of laceration, contact   wound,   incision   and   stab   wounds respectively. This is not unconnected with friction, scrape, rub or  wear  off,  attrition,  disintegration  that  are  associated  with cutting,  welding,  stamping,  forging,  punching  and  so on in metal fabrication.

Often workers need to reach over or under machinery, shelving or other rough surfaces to complete a task. So while hands may be protected with gloves, arms without proper protection are vulnerable to cuts, abrasions and burns. Every day and repetitive tasks such as moving items in and out of bins can become hazardous if workers have to reach into barrels or other receptacles that contain sharp materials. Even the receptacles themselves can cause injury as bins become worn over time and may have sharp, uneven edges.

Kevlar Sleeve ProtectorsYou may have stacks of sheet metal, people reaching around or over items in their work area, so you want to make sure that the arm is completely protected. Even workers cutting metal banding on pallets may benefit from protective sleeves. When those get cut, and the tension releases, they will really rip back.

Versatile Arm & Wrist Protection

Sleeve protectors can do more than protect against cuts. Chemical splash, radiant heat and hot materials can easily injure arms if your employees have only short sleeve shirts or loose long sleeves which can also gap open between wrist and elbow.

Brands like Protective Industrial Products (PIP®), HexArmor® and Superior® manufacture specialty arm protection for industries such as Automotive, Construction, Food, Glass, Metal Fabrication, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Utilities.

Remember, the effectiveness of all your safety programs depend on how well you actually implement and maintain them. You must regularly review and update your programs in order to keep them effective. Employers and employees must also remember that the regulations in T8 CCR only set minimum requirements and they should strive to exceed the standards at all times.

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