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Specialized Cut-Resistant P.P.E.

 For Vital Body Areas is Elevating Compliance

It doesn’t matter if you’re strapping down the load or unpacking it at the other end. Whenever you handle steel strapping, you should be sure you have the right protective equipment or it can cause a serious workplace injury!

Steel strapping or metal banding is a useful way to keep rolls of sheet metal, piping and lumber from unwinding and for binding or reinforcing wooden crates, pallets and boxes that contain heavy objects. Because it offers the highest tensile break strength of any strapping material, steel banding is a popular choice to secure heavy loads as they travel along the supply chainStandard steel banding, due to the way it’s processed, has a burr that is similar to a razor blade and carelessness or handling it without gloves could lead to serious lacerations, amputations or death.

Working with metal strapping typically means the use of specialized sharp instruments and tools such as industrial cutters or shears which increases the potential for an injury.  When banded items reach their final destination, someone has to cut and remove the steel strapping to view the sealed contents and then dispose of it. These metal straps have very sharp metal edges which can become a dangerous weapon that lash out when the bands are cut and the pressure is released.

Stay Safe Every Time You Handle Steel Strapping

Hectic work environments, high volume workloads combined with sharp surfaces can brew mishap in a nanosecond.  Wearing the proper P.P.E. decreases the opportunity for a costly workplace injury.

MDS offers high-performing, cut-resistant body apparel and cut-resistant safety gloves designed specifically to protect workers from the threats they face on the job every day. Advancements in manufacturing and materials have introduced specialized cut-resistant P.P.E. that protect vital body areas prone to lacerations without sacrificing comfort, mobility or productivity.

Revolutionizing Worker Safety


You would be hard pressed to find a more common injury in the workplace than cuts to the hands. One of the easiest ways to prevent these injuries, or to at least reduce the severity, is to make sure you are wearing the correct industrial hand protection. Be sure to check out “The World’s Thinnest ANSI A9 Extreme Cut-Resistant Gloves” from Superior Glove®.

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These TenActiv™ seamless knit, 21-gauge extreme cut protection gloves are as thin as a pair of dress gloves, yet provide ANSI extreme cut level A9 protection – the highest level of cut safety available with a "bare hand wear experience". Options include leather reinforced thumb crotches, nitrile palm coating, high visibility or a knitted version that can be worn as a glove liner!

All cut-resistant glove styles are touchscreen compatible which prevents workers from removing their gloves which defeats the purpose for which it was intended.


Kut Gard® ATA® PreventWear™ garments protect against slash injuries in high-risk areas of the body, where lacerations can be devastating. PreventWear™ specialized industrial safety clothing is proudly made in the USA and delivers high-level cut protection yet is surprisingly lightweight and comfortable to wear.


Available in a variety of styles to best suit your application, Kut Gard® ATA® PreventWear™ garments are treated with an antimicrobial solution to help prevent the growth of bacteria and manufactured with 21CFR-approved materials for food contact, making them a lightweight alternative to heavier garments typically worn in food processing.  Optional high visibility accents help raise worker awareneKut Gard® ATA® PreventWear™ Cut Safety Body Garmentsss and reduce accidents.

  • +100 SERIES: The 100 Series garments feature a full fabric back and deliver significant cut and abrasion resistance to high-risk zones. Configurations include jackets and pullovers.
  • +145 SERIES: The 145 Series garments deliver significant cut and abrasion resistance to high-risk zones and features a ¾ mesh back to allow for greater ventilation. Configurations include jackets and pullovers.
  • +190 SERIES: The 190 Series garments provide an overall high cut and abrasion resistant protection, Ventilated mesh back allows extra ventilation to keep worker cool and comfortable. Configurations include pullovers.
  • +600 SERIES: The 600 Series garments provide an overall higher cut protection in a lightweight option to offer workers confident protection and comfort. Paired with a 3/4 mesh back, these garments are the ultimate solution for lightweight but heavy-duty protection. Configurations include jackets and pullovers.


Using tested method ASTM F2992-15, PreventWear™ cut-resistant garments offer high-level multi-zonal protection in areas most harmful such as the neck, upper arm, upper inside leg and wrist where major arteries are at risk.  

Perfect for metal banding, our ANSI cut rated hand protection and cut-resistant body wear is also ideal for bottling lines, glass handling, glass manufacturing, metal fabrication, food processing, law enforcement or security, recycling, sorting, sheet metal handling, automotive and waste management.

Implementing the use of cut-resistant apparel in commercial or industrial work settings is a better alternative and a wise business decision. Many industrial workplace accidents are foreseeable and preventable. If you have a heavy load that requires the use of steel banding, be sure to equip your crew with the best personal protective equipment (PPE) available anywhere.   Get protection where it’s needed most. Prevention is just a click away.

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