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Kut Gard® ATA® PreventWear

Cut Safety Garments

Specialized Extreme Cut-Resistant PPE Safeguards Vulnerable Areas of the Upper Body from High-Risk Accidental Industrial Lacerations

Faced paced, hectic work conditions and high demand workloads combined with sharp-edged sheets of glass or steel can quickly brew mishap. One slip, stumble or break in focus and it can quickly lead to a serious personal injury or even deKut Gard® ATA® PreventWear™ Cut Safety Garmentsath. 

If work includes bottling lines, glass handling, glass manufacturing, metal fabrication, food processing, law enforcement or security, recycling, sorting, sheet metal handling, automotive, steel banding, waste management then the body is virtually surrounded by serious workplace cut hazards.

Most industrial workplace accidents are foreseeable and preventable. Ensuring that you're equipped with the proper personal protection (P.P.E.) can help get the job done efficiently and most importantly, safely.

Cut-Resistant Garments for Focused Full Body Protection

Kut Gard® ATA® PreventWear™ garments from Protective Industrial products (PIP®) are made from extremely strong, high-performance fibers and essential protection against slash injuries in the highest risk areas of the body.

Implementing the proper cut-resistant P.P.E. apparel  can help prevent a substantial laceration to a vital artery which can cause rapid blood loss resulting in death and cuts to a muscle, tendon, ligament or nerve that can cause shock or immobility. 

Made In USA

Made in the USA, Kut Gard® PreventWear™ specialized cut-resistant  apparel provides wearers with enhanced confidence, comfort and focus. High-level cut safety zones protect vital areas susceptible to harm such as the upper chest, neck, wrist, abdomen, upper arm and forearm and where major arteries are at risk.


Available in a variety of styles to best suit your application, Kut Gard® ATA® PreventWear™ garments are treated with an antimicrobial solution to help prevent the growth of bacteria and manufactured with 21 CFR-approved materials for food contact, making them a lightweight alternative to heavier garments worn in food processing.  Optional high visibility accents help raise worker awareness to help prevent accidents.

  • 100 SERIES: The 100 Series garments feature a full fabric back and deliver significant cut and abrasion resistance t high-risk zones. Configurations include jackets and pullovers.
  • 145 SERIES: The 145 Series garments deliver significant cut and abrasion resistance to high-risk zones and features a ¾ mesh back to allow for greater ventilation. Configurations include jackets and pullovers.
  • 190 SERIES: The 190 Series garments provide an overall high cut and abrasion resistant protection, Ventilated mesh back allows extra ventilation to keep worker cool and comfortable. Configurations include pullovers.
  • 600 SERIES: The 600 Series garments provide an overall higher cut protection in a lightweight option to offer workers confident protection and comfort. Paired with a 3/4 mesh back, these garments are the ultimate solution for lightweight but heavy-duty protection. Configurations include jackets and pullovers.

Meets ASTM F2992-15 Standard

To ensure safety, Kut Gard® ATA® PreventWear™ Clothing is tested to method ASTM F2992-15 standard. This test method assesses the cut resistance of a material when exposed to a cutting edge under specified loads. Data obtained from this test method can be used to compare the cut resistance of different materials with scores ranging from A1-A9. Kut Gard® garments can also be customized with up to 12 different options. Please contact MDS for more information.

From chaps to jackets, from pullover shirts to aprons with or without hi-visibility accents, PIP® Kut Gard® PreventWear™ P.P.E. is designed provide continual barrier protection to reduce serious workplace injuries and allow operators to work with greater confidence and focus.

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