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The Advantages of Buying American Made P.P.E.

The Pandemic Lessons We Endured Must Never Be Forgotten.  When You Buy American Made Products, You Are Protecting Americans with American Made P.P.E.  Read Why This Is Good For America.

Let’s not forget that when the virus swarmed our shorelines in the spring of 2020, it completely devastated supply chains forcing our entire country into a panic to find supplies to protect employees and patients from infection. There was one thing America quickly learned then and it was that P.P.E. manufacturing within the United States simply did not exist, and the health and safety of our friends and relatives were completely dependent on PPE supplies made in Asia.

Do you realize That 94% of the World's PPE is Manufactured in Wuhan China-the Epicenter of the Coronavirus?

Gutted supply chains and long lead times had Americans across every industry beckoning for our country to produce P.P.E. that minimized exposure to hazardous workplace elements and prevented the cross-contamination of viruses all while protecting our front line and essential employees from potential infection.

Well folks, that day has arrived.


I’m sure everyone will agree that Americans deserve the best personal protection products on the market, and American companies can provide these. 

Fast forward to today. From single-use biodegradable ntirile gloves to respirator masks, U.S. businesses have stepped up and invested resources to bring back manufacturing so our country can break free of our dependence on foreign made P.P.E. supplies and keep Americans safe. Here is one sample - Showa’s single-use nitrile glove manufacturing facility in Fayette Alabama!


Many American consumers feel a sense of national pride and satisfaction when they purchase a product made from American businesses. This good feeling isn’t the only positive either. Here are some other benefits to purchasing American made personal protection equipment.

+Boosting The American Economy

When you purchase from American companies that create products domestically, you support a business providing jobs for Americans, and more jobs means more people can put money into their local economies. This boost in circulation is part of a chain reaction that leads to more investments in local economies, increased tax revenue, and growing job opportunities throughout the country.

+Adhering to Strict Standards

Buying domestic products guarantees that your products come from manufacturers that follow American labor laws and manufacturing requirements. Instead of navigating through foreign regulations, you can rest easy knowing your product adheres to the country’s high standards of quality and performance.

+Supporting Future Investments

By increasing the demand for American made products, you pressure companies to stop outsourcing and keep their manufacturing efforts inside our county. This helps give domestic manufacturing a chance to regrow and provide jobs for future generations of workers. When domestic manufacturing booms, the demand for other domestic services also increases.

+Lower Trade and Budget Deficits

As a country, we sadly import more than we export. This leads to unsustainable borrowing and debts to other countries. Simultaneously, the negative federal budget deficit continues to grow steeper national debt which strains the domestic economy. Supporting domestic businesses helps tackle both these issues while stimulating the economy.  

+Decreased Transportation, Increased Sustainability

When you purchase a product made overseas, it must travel a long time and way before it reaches your dock. It doesn’t matter if the product travels by plane, truck, train or boat. These long journeys burn fuel (a non-renewable resource) and releases carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Domestic products take a much shorter journey from the manufacturer which drastically decreases our carbon footprint.

+Domestic Environmental Regulations

Not every country follows environmental and pollution restrictions as strict as those in the United States. American-made products are frequently more environmentally friendly than their foreign equivalents because American manufacturers must adhere to state and federal environmental regulations. 

+Safer Labor Laws

It’s much more difficult to know about the kind of business practices you’re supporting when you purchase foreign goods. Buying domestic P.P.E. decreases the demand for foreign products that may come from unsafe or unlawful working conditions. Crucial American regulations like child labor laws and OSHA regulations allow you to purchase your safety supplies with peace of mind.

+Quality Standards You Can Trust

Products labeled “Made in the USA” are durable, reliable, and effective. With a history of excellence, the United States manufacturing industry has generations of skill, passion, and expertise. Qualified workers, health and safety regulations and other American manufacturing requirements combined with superior levels of craftsmanship and components result in high-quality products. With overseas trade it’s harder to truly determine the worth of a product when it doesn’t have to comply with American quality, safety or performance standards


The pandemic lessons we endured must never be forgotten and it starts with you buying American made essential personal protective equipment (P.P.E.). While domestic made P.P.E. may cost you a little more you can clearly understand the many benefits of buying American.

Whether you are looking for disposable, low-cost safety solutions or the best in personal protective equipment, we have a solution for every  industry. MDS Associates, Inc. distributes a growing line-up of newly launched domestically made personal protective supplies such as TAA compliant disposable latex-free nitrile gloves, TAA compliant single-use biodegradable EBT nitrile gloves,  industrial work safety gloves, critical manufacturing gloves, butyl gloves, sustainable hearing protection, face masks, flame-resistant apparel, respirator masks, safety footwear, isolation barrier gowns and more.

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