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Hand Protection Only Works if You Wear it!

Industrial work gloves are an essential ingredient for safe workdays. Many gloves are designed to provide direct protection against injuries. Others, like disposable gloves, aid in infection control and preventing cross-contamination.

Regardless of what they are used for, they cannot do their job if they are not worn. Here are some ome statistics –Collection of SHOWA Gloves

  • Wearing gloves reduces the risk of a hand injury by 60%
  • 70% of hand injuries could have been prevented by wearing gloves 

With those percentages, and the risk of loss of income or a worker’s comp case, it is imperative that safety officers and facility managers insist that all employees wear proper hand protection. So why would someone choose not to wear gloves?


“These nitrile/latex/vinyl gloves make my hands sweat.”

MDS offers disposable hand protection, like the award-winning SW® DriTek® PowerForm® glove line made from sweat absorbing nitrile to keep hands dry and cool, even in hot temps.

“Disposable gloves don’t keep my hands warm.”

Did you know that MDS has gloves available with flock lining for warmth? We carry lined gloves from brands such as Superior® Glove, PIP®, SHOWA®, Safety Zone®, Ansell® and more.


“I can do my job better with my bare hands than with gloves.”

MDS offers disposable gloves with textured grip patterns, as well as formulations that repel water and oil for a better grip. We also offer re-usable gloves that are palm nitrile or latex dipped, PU coated, feature beaded dots, and that work best in hot or cold environments.

“Gloves make it harder to do finely detailed tasks.”

Different gloves do offer different levels of dexterity and tactility. That is why MDS offers a wide range of work gloves, including the worlds thinnest cut level A9, 21-gauge cut safety glove.


“These gloves are better for Task A than Task B.”

For operators performing multiple tasks, MDS offers a huge selection of general duty work safety gloves. Simply choose the style that offers the desired features. We also offer industry-specific gloves such as fentanyl-resistant disposables, as well as reusable gloves that are puncture-resistant/needlestick-resistant, steel mesh, static dissipative, arc-rated, chemical-resistant, and many, many others.

“It’s a problem to take gloves off constantly to enter data and communicate with my colleagues.”

We have worked with our vendors to identify industry-leading protective gloves that are also touchscreen compatible, to reduce donning and doffing of gloves.

Environmental Concerns

“I feel like I am contributing to landfill with all the gloves I am throwing out.”

MDS can help you eliminate “glove guilt”. We offer a selection of disposable biodegradable gloves and work safety gloves that are biodegradable and bio-based gloves made from recycled materials, such as recycled P.E.T. (rPET) water bottles.

As glove experts for more than 35 years, MDS sells gloves from only the best vendors in the industry. And our huge selection makes us a one-stop-shop for all your hand protection needs, and addresses the biggest concerns users have.

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