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US Mesh® ... It's Like Medieval Hand Armor!

 Stainless Steel Mesh Hand Protection Metal/Stainless Steel Mesh Gloves

High volume workloads, intense heat and a hectic pace combined with sharp instruments increases the chances for personal injury and even the most highly skilled professionals display the scars of an industrial workplace accident.

When butchers, chefs, glass handlers or sheet metal workers brag about their scars and the stories behind them, it is not uncommon to hear about the challenges of cutting textiles or metals, processing large slabs of meat, keeping a high-volume slicer clean or battling with a stubborn oyster.

These types of hand cut accidents are foreseeable and preventable and implementing the use of stainless steel metal mesh cut resistant gloves in commercial foodservice operations that handle or cut glass, metals, meat/poultry or textiles is a wise and logical business decision.

US Mesh® Stainless Steel Mesh Gloves are Designed for High Level Protection Against Cuts, Slashes & Stabs!

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21 CFR Compliant  |  Non-Corrosive  |  Lightweight |  Easy-to-Clean

For the ultimate in personal safety, reach for the extreme cut and puncture protection of  US Mesh® brand of stainless steel mesh gloves. US Mesh® gloves are the premier choice for food processing, restaurant and food service applications such as slicing, deboning, filleting, shucking, mandoline and slicing.  US Mesh® gloves can also be worn when handling or feeding wild animals and for when scuba diving for protection from under water predators.

Work in complete confidence! Developed by a team of experienced industry veterans who produce a line of highly customizable, top of the line, stainless steel metal mesh safety apparel products, US Mesh® gloves are designed for butchering meat, textile cutting, sheet metal handling, fish filleting,  poultry processing, foodservice operations and restaurants. This line of effective yet economical metal mesh safety products are 21 CFR approved for direct food contact and are the #1 choice among workers for knife hand safety.

US Mesh® gloves are made from individually welded surgical grade 316L stainless steel rings and offer superior protection, lightweight fit and comfort. Available in wrist-length or in an extended cuff versions, the 5 Finger reversible design fits either hand and they are available with different closures, feature color coded size identification tools and available in side split for quick donning and doffing.

You won't see ANSI scores on metal mesh gloves because mesh gloves can't be tested or ranked in the same way string knitted gloves are. But it is important to know that steel mesh gloves will always out perform string knit gloves in protecting against cuts and they can stop a knife point.

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