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Medical & Industrial Safety Supply Company In Buffalo, NY

MDS Associates, Inc. is a Medical and Industrial Safety Supply Company based in the beautiful suburb of Lancaster, NY. Starting in 1986 with our incorporation, we originally began providing personal protective equipment and infection control supplies to the healthcare and manufacturing industries well before OSHA standards mandated the use of protective apparel. Beginning with our founding 30+ years ago, we have striven to be ahead of the curve in personal protection solutions.

Serving The Buffalo Area

Ever since our inception, we have made it our highest priority to provide innovative, reliable and OSHA accepted personal protective supplies to our business-to-business customers. This means that we are always kept aware of the ever-changing needs of industries involving pharmaceuticals, food processing or any laboratory or clean room requirements . As these sectors change, it is of the utmost importance to MDS Associates, Inc. that we are there to provide whatever personal protection supplies meet your evolving business practices.

How We Supply The Medical & Industrial Sectors

Given the wide variety of businesses that we supply in the Buffalo area and nationally, MDS Associates, Inc. has an array of product categories for our customers to choose from. For the medical and manufacturing industries we have categories with various cleanroom products and disinfectants to provide the requisite contamination control they demand. For the foodservice industry we carry items like disposable gloves and waste bags that are used frequently on a daily basis. The manufacturing industry can often be laborious and sometimes dangerous. Because of this, we carry protective apparel and products like heavy duty cut-resistant gloves, and even cooling bandanas and hats to help keep workforces from overheating in tough conditions.

Keeping Buffalo, NY Safe From Modern Health Hazards

When MDS Associates, Inc. first started serving the Buffalo area, the latest health risk was HIV/AIDS.  Since then, numerous other epidemics and diseases have come about, which means that we must stay vigilant. This means that we must have a two step approach to properly address these issues.

The first step is providing informative material to our customers so they are made aware of these risks. The second step is making new and innovative protective supplies readily available to our clients, so when new risks present themselves we can provide the most advanced protection. Changing health codes can also be a cause for concern. By being aware and keeping informed, customers working in various environments from healthcare to manufacturing can better provide superior protection for both themselves and their customers! If you have any questions at all about our Personal Protection Supplies and how they can help you, please give us a call at (716) 668-4001.

Thank you for choosing MDS Associates!

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