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COVID-19 Testing:
Professionally Preventing Exposure

basetball, hockey puck, baseball and mitt, footballOne of the key components to the successful restart and ongoing seasons in the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS, NCAA and other leagues during the COVID-19 pandemic is testing protocols. By conducting multiple tests weekly, and even daily, professional and collegiate sports leagues have developed a model which has successfully identified infected athletes, coaches and staff for quarantine, allowing the competition to go on. 

With hundreds of teams being tested regularly, samples are flowing from testing sites to labs at a rate never seen before, and each sample potentially contains infectious bodily fluids.

This creates a risk that samples could accidently be released during transport. How do we protect those who transport and handle samples of bodily fluids like blood, urine, stool and saliva if containment is lost?

Self Bursting Fluid Solidifer Packets

DriMop® Fluid Solidifier Pouches quickly burst open in the presence of fluids and release a super absorbent polymer powder that quickly absorbs, solidifies and immobilizes solutions up to 400 times its own weight. DriMop® Fluid Solidifier Sheets are coated in the same polymer powder, offering size flexibility for use in any transportation vessel or packaging. 

DriMop packets with a beaker of waterWhen DriMop® fluid solidifiers interact with fluids, they quickly form a gelatinous substance which can be contained by the outer vessel, eliminating leaking. It also allows for safe and easy cleanup with out the risk of splatters and splashing, which can spread contamination. 

MDS Associates has multiple customers involved in COVID-19 testing and transportation who have chosen DriMop® to be part of their testing sample “Chain of Custody” protocol to ensure worker safety. With a cost of only pennies per unit, DriMop® provides a cost-effective layer of safety that can’t be dismissed when dealing with a deadly pathogen.

D.O.T. Certified

Certified under D.O.T. Regulation CFR49 for safe transport for infectious bodily fluids, and UN3373 compliant, DriMop® Fluid Solidifiers will help you meet compliance regulations with the handling and transport protection of potentially hazardous/infectious bio-waste.

DriMop® Fluid Solidifiers are also a key piece to the vaccination process. With millions of vaccine shots given daily, learn more about how effective DriMop® is for safer sharps waste management.

Whether you are involved with organized sports or other activities that require COVID testing, do what the pros do: choose DriMop® Fluid Solidifiers to protect workers in custody of potentially hazardous samples, while at the same time avoiding regulatory fines and helping to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. All you need to do now is tap the link and…

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