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Containers for Denture Cleaning & Soaking

Paper Denture Containers

If you are looking for an economical, green solution for high-volume denture soakings and cleanings or denture baths, then check out these paper containers or dishes made from 85% plant-based renewable resources. Disposable paper denture containers will allow one to safely store or soak dentures or partials throughout patient care from the dentist or dental hygienist. The paper denture dishes can then be thrown away to limit risk of transferring germs to other patients and eliminates sterilizing plastic soak trays. Paper denture soak cups are a quality resource for your dental necessities and ideal for dental clinics, dental schools/universities, hospitals and elderly care. Provide a few for your patients to use at home.

Each of the paper denture cups sold from MDS Associates are large enough to comfortably fit even the largest set of dentures. That means employees can rest the dentures flat on bottom of the cup, and eliminate the danger of the cup tipping over and contaminating or possibly damaging your patient's dentures.

Double-Sided Poly-Lined Denture Dishes with Rolled Rim & Recess Bottom

Flimsy varieties of denture cups can 'melt' or lose shape when exposed to water. Water exposure could occur while the cups are waiting off to the side during examination of the patient's mouth, or from excess water dripping off the dentures after cleaning resulting in an unprofessional looking mess. These paper denture containers won't crumble or soak-through because the double-sided poly lining can be used with hot or cold fluids. Made with a moisture barrier, these containers provide for superior insulation, leak resistance and reduces the potential to condensate. A wide rim provides excellent rigidity to the container and can handle heavy loads. Ideal for large facilities with high turnover or clinical use when soaking or cleaning patient dentures. A "Green" alternative to foam or plastic styles.
Capacity: 8-ounces
Color:  white
Denture dishes are packed in poly sleeves for cleanliness and easy transport and storage.
Sold 1000 per carton 

Don't forget to give your patients a plastic hinged denture box that they will appreciate and they can use for home or travel! The case protects the teeth when not in use and can be used as a soaking container too.

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