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Poly-Backed Patient Bibs | Patient Towels | Patient Napkins

There are several varieties of patient bibs being offered today and these versatile towels are used for a wide variety of applications. Patient bibs are also referred to as patient towels, patient napkins or as scale linersPoly-Backed Dental Patient Bibs/Towels and are designed to prevent contamination.

Patient napkins are most commonly used to cover patients in dental offices during hygiene cleanings or for Endo/Oral Surgery, but they are also used to protect surfaces, cover instrument trays, soak tattoo ink and blood when stenciling and to line baby scales.

Patient towels are constructed using either two or three layers of strong and absorbent cellulose tissue that feature a pronounced embossing that makes wiping surfaces, instruments or the face easier and faster. The tissue is bonded to a thin layer of strong polyethylene designed to prolong the integrity of the cellulose and prevent fluid-strike through from occurring. The most popular colors are white, blue and pink but are offered in yellow, green, lavender, gray, peach, teal, black, mauve  and more. Tidi® Products offers a line of pediatric patient bibs with ever popular Dr Seuss Cat In the Hat, Bugs and Things, Horton Hears a Who, Tidi Tooth, School-Time and Under the Sea designs that soothes kids.

The most common poly-backed patient bibs are square folded and when opened, measure approximately 13-in x 18-in overall. But not all bibs are created equal! The amount of cellulose tissue dictates the performance of the absorbency, the longevity and softness of the towel. Tidi® Products patient bibs have always been of the softest and most absorbent patient bibs available but Graham® Medical PSP® Econo-Gard® and Durecon Patient Napkins offer outstanding performance as well. Dynarex® patient bibs also provide good value for the money.

For those that prefer a larger size patient bib, they should consider Graham® Medical PSP® Aqua-Gard® Bibs or Tidi®'s 17-in x 18-in bibs constructed with either two or three layers of tissue or the 18-in x 22-in patient towelTidi Brand Endo Towels/Dental Patient Bibsthat features a contoured neck. If chain bib holders or bib clips aren't your thing, Tidi also offers a contour neck 18-in x 25-in chainless bib that features built-in ties. The contoured neck construction provides snug under-the-chin coverage and enhanced comfort for the patient. If additional coverage is still desired, patient drape sheets are a popular choice to protect surfaces and patients against wet-spray procedures.

Tidi Products offers two styles of white embossed towels designed to withstand use with autoclaves. These autoclavable towels can be used as a sterile patient bib AND as an instrument or cassette wrap in the autoclave sterilizer.  A layer of heat-resistant polyethylene is sandwich between two layers of strong and absorbent tissue are are available in two different sizes. Perfect for dental, labs, tattoo, piercing!

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