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Hand Protection for Responders Exposed to Carfentanil

First it was heroin, then herion laced with fentanyl and now this!? As the opioid epidemic continues to devastate America, we can now add carfentanil into the nation’s drug supply. Considering how many deaths are attributed to fentanyl, it’s troubling to know there’s a drug in circulation that’s much more potent.Fatal Toxin Line Up Comparison: Heroin, Fentanyl & Carfentavil

The presence of carfentanil and other fentanyl-related compounds in illicit U.S. drug markets is cause for concern, as the relative strength of this drug could lead to a considerable increase in national overdoses and overdose-related deaths, even among the most opioid-tolerant users.

A tiny amount of carfentanil — about the weight of 35 grains of salt — is lethal to humans.

Carfentanil, which is used as a tranquilizing agent for elephants, horses, bears and other large mammals, is a synthetic opioid approximately 10,000 times more potent than morphine and 100 times more potent than fentanyl.  It is often mixed in with other drugs such as heroin, cocaine or crystal meth — and often drug users have no idea their drugs have been tainted.

This continuing drug trend could overdose, or potentially kill, unprotected responders with minimal contact.


The presence of carfentanil poses a significant danger to public safety, D.E.A., first responder, medical, treatment, law enforcement and laboratory personnel. Even a tiny amount of the wrong substance can be deadly. These substances can come in several forms, including powder, blotter paper, tablets and spray. Synthetic opioids can be absorbed through the skin or accidental inhalation of airborne powder.

Law enforcement officers and first responders should carefully follow safety protocols to avoid accidental exposure, wear proper personal protective equipment and use caution in handling evidence suspected of containing carfentanil or any fentanyl-related substance, particularly in conjunction with an overdose. The evidence suggests that limited precautions, such as N-95 masks, eye protection and fentanyl-resistant nitrile gloves can provide sufficient protection from harm.


MDS Associates has recognized this urgent need and offer responders a portfolio of certified fentanyl-safe professional hand protection that includes work gloves and single-use latex-free nitrile gloves in various colors and thickness. Both styles of hand protection are thoroughly tested and proven to offer superior permeation protection against fentanyl, carfentanil and other fatal toxins with several styles offering additional protection against corrosive gastric acid found in the vomit of overdose victims.


In addition, these specialized safety gloves meet stringent NIOSH standards for safe handling of fentanyl and fentanyl related substances in independent lab tests and meet ASTM D6978-05 testing guidelines, providing over 240 minutes of breakthrough and exposure resistance.

Safeguarding your team is easy! Shop MDS for dual-layer nitrile gloves that feature barrier breach detection, extra thick black nitrile gloves, Greencircle® certified biodegradable nitrile gloves, nitrile gloves with extended cuffs, class 1 medical-grade exam gloves, hi-viz orange nitrile gloves, fully coated seamless knit work gloves with anti-viral treated work gloves, extended-use nitrile gloves with unique grip textures and more!

Accidental exposure to fentanyl or fentanyl-related substances can occur under a number of circumstances, including during the execution of search or arrest warrants, the purchase of opioids during undercover operations, the processing of drug evidence containing fentanyl or fentanyl related substances, or the processing of non-drug evidence (e.g., currency, cellular phones, pill presses, scales, or drug paraphernalia) which may be contaminated with these substances creating additional vulnerability to responders.

By equipping those on the frontlines with these ground breaking fentanyl safe gloves, we can help safeguard their wellbeing while they confront the challenges of the fentanyl crisis head-on.  Prevention is just a click away. All you need to do now is tap the link and …

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