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Anti-Spitting Socks/Nets & HoodsMDS Disposable Anti-Spit Hoods

When it comes to transporting psych patients or detainees to court or to the correctional facility, abusive actions such as kicking, punching or foul language are just part of the job. Fortunately, for correction officers, EMT's, medical professionals, orderlies and policemen, they are trained to protect themselves against individuals high on drugs, drunk or in a fit of rage but what they can't protect themselves against are from individuals who spit at them.

Decontaminating an automobile or being on the receiving end of a detainee spitting in the face is not something corrections or law enforcement take lightly. In fact, it is highly despised and it should be. Beside the hygienic aspects, human saliva is considered a biohazard and human health risk which could potentially subject a person to the transmittal of disease such as CMV, tuberculosis, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV and requires professional decontamination and treatment. 

Implementing a preventative spitting device such as a pillowcase cover may protect personnel but many are learning that certain types of spit guards can put criminals at risk to injury or death by suffocation while other styles are just too complicated or cost prohibitive to use.

Effectively, affordably and safely prevent detainees from spitting saliva, mucous, blood or vomit onto officers, staff, vehicles, equipment or facility with these breathable, moisture-resistant, non-irritating disposable spit masks and spit hoods.


Anti-spit masks or spit socks are highly breathable and feature an open area for the eyes and nose. They go on and off quickly and won't interfere with breathing or sight but will contain mucous, vomit or spit. They feature neck and eye apertures that incorporate elastic gathering that help keep the spit guard in place but if the opening is not preferable, personnel can simply rotate the opening/hood toward the back of the head quickly anytime when worn to present a non-fenestrated barrier layer.

This popular style spit sock is also commonly worn by cleanroom, pharmaceutical, painting and food processing operators to prevent human contamination of products. The lightweight composition is translucent enough to view the detainee's face.  Also popular is a similar but heavier style spit sock which is more opaque in design and will mask a detainee's face. Our snug fitting lightweight cotton sock offers the best resistance, strength and is much cooler to wear. Easy and quick to use, these cotton hoods are worn by working professionals as a liner under helmets, respirators and commonly used for protection when spray painting. 

Our NEW anti-spit hoods are made in the USA with latex-free moisture-resistant breathable medical-grade fabric and somewhat resemble a small bag. There's no need to position, cinch, tie or tighten - these single-use anti-spit hoods are designed with no ties, elastic openings or elastic gathering and they slide over an inmate's head easily and quickly. A generous 16" x 18" size is hard to shake off and they slide right over prescription eyeglasses, hoods, caps and hats. The non-marring material will not scratch delicate surfaces and the opaque fabric has a calming effect on aggressive detainees or inmates.

Our spit socks and hoods are available in bags. Select individually packed, two packs, three packs, 6 packs or more! Contact MDS for information or for samples, volume discounts or to place an order.

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