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Why Trust Dyneema® for Glove Safety

+ Dyneema® is Extremely Reliable

First most, Dyneema® is dependable because the company that makes it DSM, has an outstanding reputation. Dyneema® is selected in many products because although it's known for its thinness, on an equal weight basis, Dyneema® is stronger than steel. Cut-Resistant Gloves and Sleeve Protectors crafted with Dyneema® will stand the test of brute force and repeated use because the fiber is very durable.

+ Dyneema® Provides Stellar Cut-Resistance

In addition to being so durable, Dyneema® is also known for its cut protection. Dyneema® can also be spun together with other materials to provide a higher level of reliable cut protection.

DSM has also recently developed a product known as Dyneema® Diamond Technology. This combination of polymers with engineered micro-particles is unreal, because on its own, it has an ASTM cut level A3 rating. Although a good cut rating on its own, the most amazing aspect of Dyneema® Diamond Technology is that it can be combined with other very fine types of yarns to improve the level of cut resistance while maintaining their light weight!

+ Dyneema® Isn't Irritating or Itchy

Dyneema® cut safety gloves and protective sleeves won't cause your hands or arms to feel itchy like other materials used in industrial protective equipment. Because the Dyneema® fibers are ultra-thin, the fibers won't individually poke through to the skin and cause itchiness. This also means that employees won't be tempted to remove their protective gear because their skin feels irritated. Since 70% of all hand injuries occur when people aren't wearing their gloves, this is a huge plus!

+ Dyneema® Can Be Laundered

One of the other major benefits of buying  Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E). made with Dyneema® is that they can be laundered - without negatively affecting the fiber. This is a big advantage, since it will increase the life of glove instead of disposing gloves every time they get dirty.

Dyneema Cut Resistant Gloves+ Dyneema® is Cost-Efficient

And lastly, Dyneema® is extremely cost-efficient. Because of the inherent durability, products made with Dyneema® won't have to be replaced nearly as often. This means that by investing in safety equipment that's crafted with Dyneema material, businesses extend budgets and save big money on P.P.E. in the long run.

+ Dyneema® is Cooler to Wear

P.P.E. is hot to wear and this causes operators to feel discomfort. In some cases, operators have been known to remove protective gear in order to work which is a major no-no. Heat stress creates fatigue, and fatigue can mean less output and possible injury. Dyneema fibers retain less heat for a cooler wear experience.

Did you know Dyneema is also used in:

  • - Maritime mooring and towing operations
  • - Commercial Fishing ropes and nets
  • - Synthethic Link Chains
  • - Radomes
  • - High Performing Sports Equipment
  • - Aviation air cargo containers and pallet nets
  • - Military & Law Enforcement armor

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