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Step-On Mats That Reduce Foot-Borne Contaminates

Remove Unwanted Particulates, Germs, Debris & Practice Good Contamination Control. Adhesive Floor Entrance Mats Keep Rooms Clean!

According tAdhesive Step-On Floor Entrance Mats Removing Unwanted Particleso the National Institutes of Health (NIH), coronavirus is stubborn and it likes to cling onto surfaces where it's stable for several hours to days in aerosols (air) and on surfaces. According to a March 17, 2020 study from National Institutes of Health, CDC, UCLA and Princeton University scientists in The New England Journal of Medicine, people may acquire the virus through the air and after touching contaminated objects.


According to a March 26, 2020 article in the New York post, coronavirus can survive on shoes for up to 5 days, experts warn. The coronavirus is known to make a home on many surfaces, including doorknobs, cardboard boxes, portable electronic devices and shopping carts. Now, to the surprise of probably no one, experts are calling our shoes a “breeding ground” for germs.

Infectious disease specialist Mary E. Schmidt warns that the coronavirus could survive on rubber, leather and PVC-based soles for five days or more, the Huffington Post UK reported — and has even suggested that individuals wear shoes that are machine-washable. Depending on what materials are used to construct a shoe, the pathogen can remain for days on the upper part as well.

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases found that COVID-19 can survive on plastic for up to two or three days, meaning shoes featuring plastic components are also risky.  A 2008 study by microbiologists at the University of Arizona found that the average shoe sole contains some 421,000 bacteria, viruses and parasites. “The sole of the shoe is the breeding ground of more bacteria and fungi and viruses than the upper part of a shoe,” emergency physician Cwanza Pinckney tells HuffPost. 

A simple, effective solution to controlling the cross-contamination of pathogens and bacteria.

Step-On Adhesive Floor Mats Trap & Hold Particulate Contaminates

Placing a tacky step-on floor mat in high traffic areas and main entrances will significantly decrease the amount of unwanted particulates and dirt that is tracked in from foot-traffic, wheeled machinery and/or work carts. Tacky floor mats are commonly used at the door entrances of laboratory and production facilities in pharmaceutical, medical, electronics, food processing and other technical environments. Today, many other manufacturing and commercial facilities are discovering their value as a simple, effective and reliable component of a clean maintenance program and infection control.

Before gaining entrance into a room or building, workers are required to contact or step on these mats which feature an adhesive coating. This coating removes and holds foreign debris and the transfer of contaminates is completed. The result is a cleaner work environment and a reduction in contamination related failures.

Adhesive Floor Entrance Mats are usually packaged 4, 6 or 8 mats per case and comprised of your choice of 30 or 60 low-profile layers of high quality, consistent pressure-sensitive adhesive-coated polyethylene film available in different colors and sizes. They leave no residue on your shoes or wheels and they come with individually numbered corners that provide easy traceability and identification. There is no risk of static damage from having to peel off layers. Replace a dirty mat when visibly soiled - simply peel the dirty mat to reveal a new one, similar to lint roller brushes.

Mats with Anti-Microbial Technology

Check out our American Made ValuBran Tacky Floor Mats available with an anti-microbial coating added to each sheet. It's designed to kill bacteria that can enter on the shoe soles or cart wheels making them appealing to life science, bio-medical, healthcare and food processing environments. Place adhesive mats at points of entry such as inside/outside clean room areas, air showers, gown rooms, and entry/hall ways in or around:

  • Clean Rooms / Critical Environments
  • Nuclear Services
  • Labs & Hospitals
  • Surgical Rooms / Medical Offices
  • Construction entries
  • Athletic or Dance Wood Floors
  • Manufacturing Plants and Warehouses
  • Animal Crates
  • Food Preparation
  • Lunch Room/Kitchens

MDS has many products that help your team and facility remain healthy so you can gain confidence that your surroundings are completely germ-free. We are here to help and we wish first reponders, healthcare providers, our customers, vendors, friends and family remain healthy. 

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It is very important that sticky mats be stored flat side up or it will ruin the integrity of the layers. Never stand, or stow floor mats on the side!