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Prevent Cross-Contamination with Disposable Surface Barrier Products 

Preventing the spread of germs between patients and doctors is very important to proper infection-control. Surface disinfecting and surface  sanitation are part of this infection prevention protocol but harsh cleaning chemicals can potentially attack delicate surfaces and ruin machinery and electronics. Disinfecting also takes time, and for busy medical and dental practices this means money lost and scheduling issues.

Versatile & Easy-to-Use

Disposable barrier products safeguard against cross contamination and elevate infection control levels easily, quickly and affordably. Barrier products are very versatile and can be used to cover and protect just about anything in the operatory, showroom, production area, school, library or exam rooms. They're swipe compatible and will not hinder operations.

Barrier products include adhesive barrier sheets, equipment covers, chair covers, instrument sleeves, patient & stretcher drapes/sheets, electronic device covers, headrest covers and tray covers. Surface protectors aImage of MDS Computer Mouse Barrier Coversre ideal for cell phones, writing utensils such as pens, equipment, instruments, hospitality type products, electronics, computer monitors, touchscreen devices such as tablets, computer keyboards and mouse and many other surfaces in any and all environments. They are designed to protect against germs, liquid spills, dust, food, oil, lint, germs, finger prints, grease and moisture.

CDC Suggestions

The CDC states 'Impervious-backed paper, aluminum foil, or clear plastic wrap may be used to cover surfaces (e.g., light handles or x-ray unit heads) that may be contaminated by blood or saliva and that are difficult or impossible to disinfect. The coverings should be removed (while DHCWs are gloved), discarded, and then replaced (after ungloving) with clean material between patients'. When the equipment or surfaces are covered with a poly barrier, unless the barrier has been torn or the surface is visibly contaminated, the surface or equipment does not need to be disinfected. Only the routine (e.g., between patients) replacement of barriers is necessary at the end of the day!

Top-Selling | High-Performing | Low-Cost  Barrier Products

The spread of even minor infections can disrupt business, so this is why our product line includes products that offer efficient solutions for the risk of cross-contamination. Look to our disposable surface barrier products Image of MDS Keyboard Covers w/ Adhesive Backing - 12-in x 14-infor a dependable solution.

Our sanitary chair covers completely drapes the chair and reduces the need for dangerous, harsh chemicals that attack the longevity of the fabric. For the dental headrest, try our poly headrest covers that are available in two sizes that protect against harmful infections. Our Disposable Keyboard Covers prolong the function of the keys and allow workers to use their computer keyboards without transferring dangerous germs. They also seal out liquid sprays, droplets, dust and other debris. 

Try our ultra-thin residue-free disposable keyboard covers with adhesive backing -clings to keypad and counter. Or, try our disposable keyboard skins that stretches and gathers to fit most standard size keyboards. We also sell a line of keyboard sleeves that are available in many dfferent sizes. For those who use a portable electronic device, our disposable tablet covers feature touch-sensitive material and a resealable flap lock for a custom fit. Cover equipment, flooring, counters, carts and more with our 24" self-adhesive blue barrier film rolls in heavy duty 3-mil thickness! These can be overlapped to expand coverage. 

Shop our comprehensive line of low cost infection control disposable surface and equipment barriers today. Elevate infection control to new levels!

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