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Stop Contamination and Reduce Screen Damage with Touchscreen Compatible Surface Barrier Film

Are you old enough to remember when cellular phones were first  available? Unlike today’s portable models, the first models required a corded handset and were strictly for use inside automobiles. Big, bulky and very expensive, they were secured to a base in the console area and required a mounted antennae on the back windshield.

Eventually, cell phones became portable but it required individuals to sling a heavy and bulky carry case that resembled a piece of carry-on travel luggage. Over time, cell phones became smaller, slimmer, more powerful and with advancements in technology, became capable of connecting people from all over the world.

Today, it seems like virtually everyone owns a smartphone. While a majority of people see smartphones as being convenient, for many they see them as a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. While your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer screens, computer keyboard and mice may look clean, recent research has found thousands of germs living on the fibers of touchscreens and are capable of spreading sickness bugs.

Because our electronics are constantly within our grubby grasp, they can get pretty gross. Smart phones are very often taken into public restrooms, handed to runny-nosed toddlers, passed around to share photos and pressed against sweaty skin. Repeated health care studies show what accumulates is germy nastiness worse than what is on the bottom of your shoe and a Stanford University study found that the risks of transmitting germs and bacteria between a glass or touch screen surface to human skin is fairly high. For example, if a virus is sitting on top of your iPhone, it is likely that 30% of that will make it to your fingertips.

Disposable Tablet Touch Screen Barrier FilmI don't think cross-contamination or germ transfers will stop anyone from buying or using gadgets with touch screens. It's become too popular and too convenient a technology for anyone to quit now-a-days. But it has bred more anti-germ related products than ever. If you're a real germaphobe but you can't imagine parting ways with your smartphone or tablet, you could always spring for touchscreen barrier film protectors.


Touchscreen barrier protectors are a specially engineered, residue-free, touch sensitive film that's available in different sizes. These disposable barrier sheets protect touch screens from scratches, germs, bacteria, fingerprints, skin oils and reduces the risk of cross-contamination without impeding typing or swipe functions. It also eliminates the use of chemical cleaners which often damage the screens and they maintain resale value when it’s time to upgrade.

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The disposable film is thin yet strong and an inexpensive, single-use option that’s easily and quickly affixed to smartphone, tablets and laptop computer screens or commonly touched surfaces for effective barrier protection and infection prevention. They are available by the roll in three sizes:

MDS sells a full-line of disposable surface protectors! Contact us for volume discounts, questions, samples or to place an order today.

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