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Mobile Computing is a Dirty Job

Portable electronic devices are everywhere and more and more businesses are incorporating tablets into their operations.  A tablet is a portable personal computer, typically with a mobile operating system and LCD touchscreen display processing circuitry, and a rechargeable battery in a single thin, flat package. a finger swiping a tablet screen

Tablets, being computers, do what other personal computers do, but lack some I/O capabilities that others have and minus the keyboard and computer mouse.  Kiosks or workstations used to be the model for information gathering but today, tablets allow portability, viewability and fill the void between laptop computers and cell phones.

Automotive dealerships, retail stores, restaurants, healthcare facilities, manufacturing operations and more are using tablets to exchange valuable information when on the job. They provide the perfect balance of thin and light portability with superior performance..

Today, tablets are available in variety of sizes, they are less expensive than laptops but just as powerful but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be well cared for and protected when in the presence of aerosols, fluids or particulates. And since they commonly shared among many co-workers, tablets are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria that can be cross-contaminated to other surfaces or individuals.

In Today's Germophobic World, the Image of Cleanliness is a Powerful Selling Tool

The spread of germs is an ever growing concern in the workplace and proper Infection Control includes minimizing cross-contamination or preventing the spread of infection. For a few pennies, you can now cover and protect your valuable mobile device with our convenient, easy-to-use disposable, touch sensitive transparent tablet and laptop covers. These high clarity barrier covers do not impede typing or swipe functions and can be used with a stylus and lastly, do not distort view.  Affordable, easy and quick to use, disposable protectors simply slide over the device to create a hygienic barrier.

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All styles meet FDA and USDA specifications for food contact!

We offer three styles in a variety of sizes. Our basic cover is open ended and is not sealable. Our second style features a flip-top closure and the third and more popular style is our resealable style that features a 1-1/2" peel and stick closure that can be opened and closed several times. 

1. Basic Tablet Cover: 1-mil thick, non-sealable and available in +8" x 12", +8" x 14" and +8" x 15" sizes

2. +Flip-Top Tablet/Laptop Cover: 2-mil thick, non-sealable and available in multiple sizes

3:+Resealable Tablet/Laptop Cover: 1.5-mil thick, peal and stick closure can be used multiple times. Multiple sizes available.

These simple yet highly effective disposable barriers are the new trend in workplace, healthcare and hospitality cleanliness, and for what amounts to a few pennies is translating into big gains in brand loyalty, customer satisfaction and confidence. Be sure to check out our wide selection of...

+Disposable Surface Protectors today!

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