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Disposable Computer Mouse & Keyboard Barrier CoversDisposable Infection Control Barriers Prevent Cross Contamination

In case you didn't realize it- computer keyboards are a dirty object. So is a computer mouse. In fact, studies show they can be dirtier than a toilet seat with as much as 3000 organisms per square inch. Think about this the next time you are at your desk typing and eating your lunch or snack.

You may be asking yourself how can a consumer electronic device such as a tablet,  computer keyboard or optical mouse contribute to a potential health hazard?

Well, for one daily routines contribute to this phenomenon. Computer keypads and mouse devices are widely used and very often shared by several different people. With each keystroke or click dirty fingers can make germs compound, multiply and transfer.

Secondly, how often are keyboards or a computer mouse actually sanitized clean? I think we all would agree that your electronics are probably neglected, most likely because of the fear of using the wrong type of cleaner could jeopardize the integrity or possibly destroy that fancy Microsoft, Logitech or ROLI computer keyboard.

Ok, so maybe you found and use a keyboard cleaner that states it is safe for use with electronics, but look closely, does it specifically claim safe for use on computer keyboards? If not, than continued use of that cleaner will eventually destroy that device or keyboard. 

Got Keyboard Crumbs?

If you use a keyboard disinfectant cleaner or presaturated device wipe, I'd ask you to look closely all those spaces between the keys, space bars and function keys. These areas are breeding ground for bacteria and sorry, but there isn't a liquid cleaner capable of reaching down there without saturating and frying the circuitry. In addition, device wipes do not disinfect, they sanitize.

Prevent cross contamination with Keyboard Barrier CoversStop the Transmission of Germs with Disposable Surface Protectors

So what options do consumers have to protect computer keyboards and other computer accessories from particulates, aerosols, liquids, food crumbs and germs without interfering with the functions of the electronic device or keyboard keys? 

Our most popular style keyboard protector is the +Disposable Keyboard Skins. It is made of a light gauge polyethylene with a latex-free elastic gathering that stretches to cover most small to large keyboard surfaces. For those with huge keyboards, checkout our new +Disposable X-Large Size Keyboard Skins.

Available in a variety of sizes are crystal clear poly keyboard sleeve covers. Simply slide keyboard into the open end, tuck in the cord and you are covered!

Also popular are MDS adhesive barrier sheets.  Packed on a perforated roll, this ultra-thin self-adhesive sheet clings to surfaces or keyboards keys without leaving any sticky residue. Lastly, we suggest checking out our most popular +computer mouse protector to compliment your keyboard cover.

Practice good cross contamination prevention and infection control while protecting the everyday office with disposable barriers designed for pens, electronic devices, touchscreens, computer monitors, T.V. remotes, tablets, cell phones, and more from transmittal....just tap the button and...

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