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+order    Low Cost Ear-Loop Masks  here                +order   EPA Registered Disinfectant Wipes  here             +order    Computer Keyboard Barrier Covers  here         

+order    Low Cost Ear-Loop Masks  here                +order   EPA Registered Disinfectant Wipes  here             +order    Computer Keyboard Barrier Covers  here         

Sick of Keyboard Keys that Stick?MDS XL Polyethylene Keyboard Barrier Covers w/ Elastic Gathering

Effective Barrier Protection that Prevents Keyboard Damages

Recently we met with a very large manufacturing and distribution company who has over 400+ offices throughout the country. I would classify this company as being a dirty operation and what I mean by dirty is that after a shift, operators go home with soiled hands and clothes for sure.

The job details requires those working in the field to be in constant contact with oil, grease, dirt, tar, gas and various industrial chemicals. Part of their job requires the constant use of a pen, computer and  a keyboard but unfortunately these destructive substances are being transferred to the keyboards and consequently damaging them.

When the Corporate office saw how many computer keyboards were being replaced, they implemented a policy that required each and every keyboard be cleaned once a month but it was revealed that this is not being done or being done incorrectly and keyboards are still being destroyed regularly and replacement costs continue upward.  

They have been searching for an effective and inexpensive solution to offset spiraling replacement costs and we have just the product!

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Effective Barrier Protection Against Liquid Sprays, Dust and Particles

We showed them our line of disposable surface protectors. Quick, easy, affordable and highly effective, these barrier products will prevent cross contamination without interfering with the operation in any way. They are designed to cover and protect delicate surfaces against liquid spills, dust, food, oil, lint, germs, finger prints, grease, moisture.and can be used until soiled.

Light yet strong, our poly keyboard covers are easy on/easy off and feature a latex-free sewn elastic edge that stretches and covers all exposed keyboard surfaces, and they will stay in place. The standard disposable keyboard protector will stretch and cover keyboards up to 21-inches. To accommodate larger and wider type keyboards, we also offer an extra-large disposable keyboard protector that will stretch to 24-inches.  Both styles leave the keyboard markings and keys clearly visible! Also available is a new line of keyboard sleeves. Simply slide the keyboard into the open end and you are done.

Shop MDS for disposable keyboard protectors and also view a full-line of disposable surface barriers today. Contact us for samples, large volume discounts or to place an order.

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