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Keeping Library Keyboards Sanitary in a Pandemic World

Arguably one of the most influential tools in the new Germophobic World will be cleanliness

With the pause lifted, libraries are working through the physical challenges caused by the pandemic; many wonder how to address the psychological fallout for both patrons and library staff. Patrons will need to feel comfortable visiting public spaces, while staff will need to adapt to a new way of working.

Once reopened, most establishments will likely continue to support social-distancing measures through such steps as rearranging furniture. Commonly touched surfaces such as books, chairs, pens, tables, and computers will require regular disinfecting between uses and librarians need to be cautious when using cleaning solvents on books and other potentially fragile library materials or equipment.

There are risks to books and electronic devices subjected to aqueous cleaning or disinfecting that include water damage, equipment deterioration, erased keyboard characters, malfunction, weakened hinges and joints. 

“Keyboards are particularly vulnerable because grubby fingers mindlessly touch dirty surfaces and then repeatedly go back to typing “

Virtually every library has computer keyboards for public use. If these devices are not sanitized between uses, they can become a hot zone for the cross-contamination of bacteria, germs or viruses. For these shared machines, placing a disposable poly barrier cover on a keyboard, mouse or tablet and replacing it each shift could be a key component to infection control.

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Provide visual cues that your staff cares about the cleanliness of their establishments. These exclusive Disposable Protective Keyboard Covers stop trouble in its tracks! Very quick and easy to use, they're designed to simply slide over the long side of the keyboard!

These new universal computer barrier covers not only protect and prolong the keyboard's quality, it reduces the need to use harsh cleaners that can erase keyboard markings and shorten the longevity of the device.  These smooth, drapable disposable poly keyboard sleeves provide reliable protection without obstructing view or interfering with operational functions.

Constructed in America with high quality 1-mil crystal clear food-grade polyethylene, these disposable covers are similar to a pouch and can be used to protect laptop computers, gaming consoles, tablets and more against liquid spills, dust, food, oil, lint, germs, finger prints, grease, moisture and can be used until soiled. The 24L" x 24W" size fits virtually any size keyboard large or small!

Great for use in hospitals, universities, hospitality, laboratories, electronic retailers, cashiers, banking, hotels, casinos, gaming stores, computer/electronic retail, business offices, dental offices, production cells and food processing plants where contamination control is essential. If you manage a business that relies on computer keyboards then you need to consider these protective barrier sleeve covers. These keyboard protectors are affordable enough to dispose with each new operator, job or shift but durable enough to last through long and demanding tasks.

Germ barrier protection has never been easier but don’t take our word for it, tap the link and …

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