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Prevent the Spread Germs, Protect Devices with Self-Adhesive Barrier Sheets

Cover & Protect High Traffic, Commonly Touched Public Surfaces or Delicate Surface Items

Infection Control Surface Barrier FilmThe spread of germs is an ever growing concern in the workplace and proper Infection Control includes minimizing cross-contamination or preventing the spread of infection.

Commonly touched public surfaces such as handles, keyboards, +pens/pencil/markers. computer mouse devices, electronic touchscreens, door knobs, +remote control devices and switches harbor colonies of germs that when touched, are often transferred from one surface to another.

Contamination from skin-to-skin contact, or skin flakes from contaminated surfaces account for an estimated 80% of transferable diseases.

The spread of infection can disrupt both business and personal life. Individuals often opt to disinfect commonly touched surfaces with harsh cleaning chemicals. The unfortunate part is most surface disinfectants can deteriorate delicate or sensitive surfaces, ruin electronic devices and potentially make someone sick if proper PPE is not worn.


Disposable Surface Barriers have grown in popularity, especially in the healthcare industry, and are available in many styles and configurations.  There is one versatile surface barrier that can protect a wide variety of item surfaces easily and affordably.

Adhesive Barrier Sheets ensure protection against cross-contamination caused by airborne aerosols, liquid sprays and splash, debris, germs and bacteria. Sold on a perforated roll, Adhesive Barrier Sheets, referred to as Tacky Wrap or Sticky Wrap, is an ultra-thin layer of semi-flexible, swipe compatible film with a low-tack adhesive backing.

These sheets effectively cover anything you might touch during a procedure and are disposable, easy to apply and remove and will not leave a residue, making it perfect for use in areas or on items that are difficult to clean, sterilize, disinfect or sanitize regularly.


Quick and easy to use, these adhesive barrier covers provide protection for staff and customers alike at an affordable price. Use on light switches, handles, coffee pots, remotes, faucets, cell phones, water cooler/fountains, tablets, padlocks, door knobs, keypads, computer mouse, keyboards, staplers and more! Adhesive Barrier sheets are used in dental practices, medical offices, lab research facilities, food processing plants, nuclear medicine, radiology and business offices.

While barrier sheets are available in sheet sizes 4-in x 6-in, 6-in x 9-in, 12-in x 14-in, the perforated roll allows flexibility for overlapping sheets that increase coverage. For example, tear two blue, green, clear or purple 4-in x 6-in size sheets to configure either an 8-in x 6-in or a 4-in x 12-in barrier layer.

Here are our popular styles:

If adhesive surface sheets aren't what you are looking for, may we suggest shopping for our disposable barrier covers. Made with a special poly, they won't interfere with the mechanical aspects of the item covered. Simple and fast to use, these special surface protectors are now available for cell phones, Laptops, Monitors, X-Rays, set-up trays, remote controls, computer keyboards and mouse devices, tablets, steering wheels, exam chairs and stools. Our disposable elastic keyboard skins are very popular and are now available in universal X-Large size to cover 21"+ size keyboards!

Stop Infection Transmission & Elevate Infection Control easily and affordably!  Contact MDS today to place an order or to request a sample. Shop MDSassociates.com and look closely for valuable instant coupons that you can use toward your on-line purchase today!

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