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Multi-Fold & C-Fold Paper Hand Towels

Used for quick drying of the hands, folded paper towels are still very popular and are commonly used in public and private lavatories and kitchens in establishments such as restaurants, churches, hotels, child-care, medical offices and spas where consumption is important but not critical. They are also very common in patient exam rooms where wall space and storage is limitedImage result for C-Fold Paper Hand Towels.


Typically they are dispensed from narrow steel, metal or plastic wall mounted holders where the towels are pulled out from the bottom. The hands-free dispensing is designed to help prevent cross-contamination of germs and limit excessive waste. Folded paper towels are quick, easy, affordable, strong and highly absorbent without breaking apart when wet.


The two most popular towels are referred to as multi-folded or m-towles, and c-folded towels. Both styles will fit into standard and universal towel dispensers regardless of whether the dispenser is labeld a c-fold or multi-fold.
Normally these towels have an embossed texture and they range in absorbency, softness and thickness. Folded paper hand towels are offered in a natural or kraft color, or they are bleached white.
Both towel styles are packaged into inner wrap sleeves and may vary in size and case quantities. We tell consumers to double check the case counts when shopping because all towels are packaged differently and case count packaging affects the sale price.


The old saying you get what you pay for applies to dispenser paper hand towels. If you are seeking a low-cost towel then the trade-off will be softness and absorbency. If an ultra soft, super absorbent, luxurious hand towel is your thing then expect to pay more. A question commonly asked is what it the difference between the two styles - the major difference is in their actual fold.


Typically multi-fold had towels are typically a Image result for Multi-Fold Paper Hand Towelslarger case count carton. Also, a multifold paper towel has a "Z" type fold or a three panel fold to it. Visualize a sheet of paper folded in thirds, similiar to a homemade fan. It is folded this way to allow the towels to be interlocked or weaved which makes dispensing slightly easier since the next sheet is partially fed, ready to be pulled by the user.
C-fold paper hand towels are not interlocked, but instead they simply lie or stacked on top of each other. Visualize the same sheet of paper. Now fold it in half, then fold each side again toward the middle.  C-fold towels can be difficult to dispense as the next sheet is gravity fed sometimes causing a person to occasionly reach up into the dispenser to grab the next sheet. Many facilities opt to place a stack of these towels directly onto the countertop or next to the sink rather than from a dispenser. High end facilities like to display these hand towels for the unique visual appearance of the fold.
The prices for c-fold paper towels and multi-fold towels vary depending on the case count, absorbency and texture.  Both types of paper hand towels are relatively economic for public buildings, high traffic washrooms and are often less expensive than purchasing rolled kitchen type paper towels.
The +Kleenex® 01500 C-Fold Towels are a high-end, embossed paper hand towel made with super Absorbency Pockets while the +Scott® 01804 Multi-Fold Towels offer outstanding value and extend budgets without sacrficing quality. If high-volume, high waste is a concern, try an off-brand such as the +MDS Economy Brand Multi-Fold Towels and extend budgets. Also available are 'Green Certified' or recycled folded towels.

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