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Keep Tackle Rust-Free & Hook More Fish!

These Innovative Self-Indicating Blue Silica Gel Pillow Paks Absorb Moisture in Tackle Boxes and Keep Equipment Surfaces From Rusting. The Best Part –These Packets Signal When it’s Time to Be Replaced! +Click Here to Start Protecting Your Investment TodayFishing Flies and Fly Rod

Personal commitments and other life events prevented me from enjoying fishing for many, many years. This finally changed when a friend texted me that the fall salmon run was on, at which point I decided enough was enough and the time to get back at it had arrived.

Because it's been such along time since I last fished, I knew I needed to visit the tackle shop before I could hit the streams so I dug out my gear bags and conducted an inventory. As I opened my tackle trays and storage cases I was shocked to see that several prized lures and trays of loose hooks were severely corroded and needed to be replaced.


So I thought to myself, no big deal, I’ll just purchase new tackle and ventured over to Bass Pro, where I wandered up and down the aisles loading up my cart. When the register finalized the bill and the cashier announced the total, my head begun to spin! It cost me almost $200 to replace a fraction of my tackle.


Fishing involves water and water leads to a major problem for an angler which is keeping his or her  tackle free from deterioration.

Water and water vapor combined with a metallic surface forms iron oxide, better known as rust. Rust corrodes metal surfaces and it destroys spinner blades and can ruin a lure’s decorative finish.

Like cancer, rust will spread to other lures and will leave nasty stains on buck tails and flies. It also affects hooks. Fishing hooks, like a knife, need a clean surface to be effective as it increases the odds for a deep hook-set that translates to landed fish.

Even dry, enclosed tackle boxes may trap water vapor, particularly during times of high humidity or when in storage. Within a day or two, rust will take hold destroying your prized tackle unless there’s a water-absorbing agent inside the tackle box.


Fishermen that trade out lures frequently, fish in wet conditions or don’t take the proper precautions to eliminate moisture from their equipment will wind up with rusted out tackle. But there's good news! We have a simple, effective and highly affordable solution that easily pays for itself and that no fisherman or fishing guide should be without!


Eliminate scrapping, cleaning solutions, toothpicks and infused plastics that emit vapors.  Avoid shocking replacement costs and easily protect your fishing tackle, every day or during seasonal storage, with innovative blue indicating silica gel desiccants, also referred to as moisture absorber packets.

THE PERFECT FISHING COMPANIONBlue Indicating Silica Gel Desiccant Absorber Packets

These blue Pillow Pak desiccants are employed in industrial packaging operations across the globe to protect consumer goods as they travel along supply chains. They’re designed to manage moisture, including invisible water vapor that leads to mold and rust.

Self-Indicating silica gel desiccants react quickly to environmental conditions and can be effective for months at any temperature. As it turns out they’re awesome for protecting the quality of fishing gear.


Heat-sealed inside a translucent substrate, self-indicating blue silica gel desiccants adsorb moisture exactly the same way as standard non-indicating Tyvek® or Kraft silica gel types.

What makes these blue indicating silica gel moisture absorber packets so much more effective for protecting fishing tackle is its’ ability to change color as it works.


As these silica gel packets encapsulate moisture, the non-toxic granules slowly change color from cobalt blue to purple, to pink - indicating that the adsorption capacity has been reached and it’s time to change them out with a fresh packet. Conventional consumer desiccants do not have this important feature leaving you to guess and gear vulnerable.


If you’re tired of collecting packets from shoe boxes or sick of guessing if your packet is still functional, MDS Associates offers a convenient moisture absorber kit filled with these innovative indicating silica gel packets. Kits include 1 gram size, perfect for storage trays, compartments and tubes. The larger 3 gram size is perfect for gear bags, fly tying kits, tackle boxes, rod and reel cases.


These kits also blend well for scuba divers and hunters wishing to protect expensive equipment such as breathing regulators, dive computers, gun scopes, optics, ammunition and firearms.


Once these desiccant packets are removed from the zip-lock packaging, they become activated. To maintain peak performance, it’s important that any unused packets remain sealed in the 5-mil thick, 4-inch x 6-inch zip-lock silver metalized moisture barrier bag provided. Save this ziplock pouch to store your fishing license, documents, egg sacs, hooks, shot, leaders and more.

Protect your fishing investment and save money on replacement costs. One case of prevention pays for itself as the purchase price of these kits are less expensive than many of the lures being sold today! Pack fishing tackle trays, gear bags, fishing boxes with these moisture absorbers to protect crankbaits, jerk baits, buzz baits, spinners, spoons, jigs, flies, hooks and swivels and more.

They’re perfect for everyday use or seasonal storage but don’t take our word for it, try for yourself.  Prevention is just a click away - all you need to do is tap the link and …

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