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MEGAComfort® | MEGASole™ Anti-Fatigue Industrial Orthotic Insoles

Recommended for use in Casual and Dress Footwear

If you are searching for an ergonomic solution for active office employees or production operators, then MEGAComfort® MEGASole™ industrial anti-fatigue insoles are the ideal solution. Perfect for busy professionals who share desk duties along with supervisory roles where the job requires individuals to walk or stand often. MEGASoles™ feature a patented dual layered memory foam insole along with MEGAGel™ Visco Technology.

Walking Never Felt so Good!

MEGAGel™ Visco Technology  is a ground-breaking support surface that provides optimized pressure redistribution, rapid heat dissipation, vibration reduction, added heel and arch cushioning. As individuals walk, the MEGAgel™ technology produces a massaging effect for the feet while the patented dual layer memory foam technology provides greater heel and arch support, comfort and superior shock absorption. The result: a clinically designed and scientifically proven insole that reduces pain and fatigue.

Designed by a Podiatrist, MEGASole™ insoles are  an effective alternative to costly and hazardous anti-fatigue matting or for areas that cannot have floor mats, where procurement costs of anti-fatigue matting has become too high or where risk of workplace injuries from trips and falls has become too great.  MEGASoles™ are in constant contact with the feet and  travel with the worker everywhere they go.

MEGAComfort®  MEGASole™ Insole Features:MEGAComfort® | MEGASole™ Anti-Fatigue Industrial Insoles

  •   Gel Enhanced Shock Absorption
  •   Streamlined Design for Better Fit in all Footwear
  •   Maximum Comfort
  •   Machine Washable
  •   Available in 6 Unique Sizes with 3/4 Trim Line
  •   Memory Foam Compresses for Safe Clearance in Steel Toe Footwear
  •   Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Perspiration, Odor Reducing Scent
  •   Heavy duty top cloth with Silver Ion Technology
  •   Soft Contoured Arch Support
  •   Extra Deep Semi-Hexagonal Heel Cup


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