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MegaComfort® Boot Insoles

Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat®

Clinically Proven to Reduce Muscle Fatigue and Pain

For Maximum Shock Absorption & Comfort in Industrial Safety and Extra Depth Footwear

To boost productivity and ensure the well-being of their work force, many companies implement ergonomics.  Ergonomics is incorporated to fulfill the goals of occupational health and safety and it’s relevant in the design of such things as furniture, machines, equipment, tools and easy-to-use interfaces. Concerned with "fit", ergonomics prevent repetitive strain injuries and musculoskeletal disorders which develop over time and can lead to long-term disability. 

The feet are the foundation for your knees, hip and back and they take most of the burden, carrying your weight and activities. Without properly supporting your feet, you can cause pain, fatigue, and damage to the rest of your body. And the harder and more unforgiving the terrain, the greater the shock stresses.

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An Alternative to Costly Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats - "Wear Anti-Fatigue Matting in Your Boots®"

Health and Safety Officers have turned to anti-fatigue floor matting to cushion the feet and ultimately make the operator  comfortable and productive. But studies have shown, this isn't the case. Anti-fatigue floor matting is stationary and does not contact the foot but rather the shoe sole.

Workstation matting also puts operators at constant risk to hazardous workplace slips, trips and falls and at $180 per mat, they are very costly to procure and maintain. And keep in mind, 20% of matting typically is replaced every year.

Make the transition away from anti-fatigue floor mats to Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat® (PAM®) Insole - a safer, more effective and cost effective technology. Consider this example of cost savings in a factory of 250 workers. Personal Anti-Fatigue Insoles ($25) vs. 3' x 5' mat ($180). [$180 - $25] X 250 workers = $38,750.00 and this does not include the time and cost associated with maintaining floor mats, which can become soiled, ripped and warped.

The Ultimate Ergonomic Industrial Insole

Designed by a Podiatrist, MEGAComfort® Personal Anti-Fatigue Insole Mats are the ultimate ergonomic solution for individuals standing or walking more than four hours a day on any hard surface. These Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat® (PAM®) is constructed with a patented dual layer memory foam insole and it's an effective alternative to standard anti-fatigue matting or for areas that cannot have floor mats, where procurement costs of anti-fatigue matting has become too high or where risk of workplace injuries from trips and falls has become too great.

Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat® Features:MEGAComfort® Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat®

  •     Maximum Shock Absorption & Comfort
  •     Dual Layered Memory Foam Technology
  •     Machine Washable
  •     Available in 12 Unique Sizes
  •     Long Lasting
  •     Memory Foam Compresses for Safe Clearance in Steel Toe Footwear
  •     Soft Contoured Arch Support
  •     Extra Deep Semi-Hexagonal Heel Cup
  •     Tested for Faultless Coil Dispensing 
  •     Heavy Duty Top Cloth with Silver Ion Technology
  •     Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Perspiration, Odor Reducing Scent


Perfect for manufacturing, laboratory, warehouse, maintenance, service, health care, construction, military and retail industry, the Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat® insoles are always in direct contact with the feet and body and travel everywhere with you. They are scientifically proven and much more effective than standard anti-fatigue floor mats at reducing muscle strain, improving balance reactions and increasing blood circulation. And PAM®’s require no maintenance.

Reduce Costs, Lower Workplace Liabilities and Increase Productivity. Contact us for volume or corporate discounts, to place an order or to answer questions.

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