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Innovative Evaporative Cooling Products for Outdoor Workers, Enthusiasts & Athletes

An innovative line of evaporative cooling accessories are available for athletes, outdoor indusPicture of a soccer ball on the playing fieldtrial laborers, firemen and outdoor recreationalists at risk to heat stress. Don't let the high heat or humidity stop you from enjoying the activities that you love nor should it prevent you from completing tasks that need to be completed.
Complications from heat are a very real concern but there's a serious line of industrial cooling gear designed to keep individuals comfortable at work, rest or play!
Heat stroke is always a risk in summer sports, especially football, soccer, lacrosse and long-distance running. Heat stroke is typically caused by a combination of factors such as hot/humid environment, strenuous exercise, clothing that limits evaporation of sweat, inadequate adaptation to the heat, too much body fat, and/or lack of fitness.
Here are some statistics you should read:
  • Heat stroke from exercise is one of the 3 leading causes of sudden death in sports activities
  • In 2006, which is the second hottest year that has ever been recorded, 3,100 US workers had a heat-related illness that caused them to miss work.
  • That's the number of heat-related occupational deaths that were reported in the US in 2006 was 44
  • According to the National Weather Service 10 year average for heat fatalities was 170 between 1998 and 2007
  • 31 high school players died of heat stroke complications between 1995 and 2009, with 5 of those deaths occurring in 2011
If you seek heat-stress relief, then we have some cooling clothing and accessories for you in different cooling technologies.  Lightweight, durable and highly effective, these cooling devices will last for hours while providing various degress of cooling temperatures.
Available in a variety of styles and technologies, you can trust your personal safety to these high-performing, commercial-grade cooling products used at Disneyland Parks and Resorts, Harley Davidson Motorcycle, the Home Depot, KTG Racing, Olympians and Soccer Players Worldwide.

What's the Cooling Differences?

Hyperkewl™ fabric allows garments to absorb, hold and slowly evaporate water so that  a large amount of water is placed around a user, while they stay dry, and then evaporate it to help us "super-charge" the bodies natural cooling method for a cooling effect that can cool the user up to 10-15F below the ambient temperature, depending on airflow. Cool Pax™ Phase Change Material (PCM) is a substance with a high heat of fusion which, melting and solidifying at a certain temperature, is capable of storing and releasing large amounts of energy. Heat is absorbed or released when the material changes from solid to liquid and vice versa; thus, PCMs are classified as Latent Heat Storage (LHS) units.
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Stay Cool, Hydrated & Protected from the Sun!

Athlete trainingon stationary bike wearing a cooling vest

If you are a serious biker, rider, runner or hiker, you should check out the +HyperKewl™ Evaporative Cooling Gulpz™ Hydration system. This lightweight back pack not only provides cooling relief, it carries 70 ounces (2 Liters) of liquid so you can stay hydrated.
Techniche +HyperKewl™ Cooling Vests work for a wide range of people or uses. A V-neck, zipper front design is available in a variety of colors that include Real Tree Camo and Hi-Viz Yellow. These vest are also availble in +kid's sizes!
The +Performance Enhancement CoolPax™ Cooling Vests have an adjustable side gusset for optimal fit on all body shapes making them preferred by athletes and ideal for construction workers. Included with purchase are 4 CoolPax Cooling Inserts and an insulated cooler carry bag.
Best worn underneath a breathable outer layer or worn on its own, +HyperKewl™ KewlShirt™ Plus Cooling Tank Tops and +HyperKewl™ Plus KewlShirt™ Cooling T-Shirts are lightweight and form fitting and great for athletes, roofers, landscapers and the like! Typical applications include personal cooling, outdoor safety, industrial safety, construction, emergency services, military, outdoor recreation, athletics, motorcycling and equine. Designed to be worn against the skin for maximum cooling effect,  ventilation vents built into back and front panels aid cooling relief that's 15-20 degrees (F) cooler than the ambient temperature and last 5-10 hours on a single soak. Perfect for athletes or for underneath protection against overheating.
Protect your head, face and neck from the heat and UV rays with +evaporative cooling beanies, +skull caps, +ranger caps, +sport caps and +caps with attachable neck cooling shade. We even have +cooling neckbands, +Kewltowel™ PVA cooling towels and adjustable +cooling wraps for the wrists! Combine these items with a cooling vest or hydration system for the ultimate in temperature control.

Find the heat relief option that best compliments your work environment, whether its vests packed with ice packs, battery operated cooling or advanced evaporative technology. All of our products are designed to reduce temperature-related injuries while serving as lightweight, comfortable safety wear. Stay relaxed in the sun with Innovative apparel technologies for Performance, Safety and Comfort from MDS Associates.

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