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Mascot & Character Suit Cooling ElementsEvaporative Cooling Products for Mascots

From major theme park attractions, like that of Disneyworld, to a costume rental for a kid's party, the hottest days can make any costume dreadful and unsafe to wear. We all know that Disneyworld would never put their employees at risk or a magical moment in jeopardy; and no one wants the star guest of a child's party risking their safety or cover either. And how about the school mascots who may be running around and need to be in constant motion to cheer and keep the fans entertained in accordance with the big game; we can't let anything happen to them.
Luckily, there are cooling technologies to help make that dreaded moment of putting that costume on be safer and a little less dreadful. Of course you can try to drink plenty of water and wear light-weight clothing, but the days that are extremely hot and humid, it seems impossible to hold a comfortably cool temperature or be in good spirits when you're sweating inside of that suit. Cooling garments are the way to go if you're the one putting on that almost 50 pound mascot or theatrical costume.
Fight heat stress and remain cool in any costume with special cooling garments. These Techniche products not only help to prevent dangerous heat situations from happening, but also help to actively fight the heat by keeping the user cool and comfortable while in character.
Techniche HyperKewl™ Cooling Garments are light-weight, easy to use, and offer quick cooling. In just 1-2 minutes, the user can have up to a 20° cooler-than-ambient-temperature cooling source for as long as 5-10 hours with the help of some airflow. Hyperkewl technology is available in cooling vests, shirts, tank tops, beanies and wrist wraps. Simply soak the garment in water and the evaporative cooling fabric absorbs and slowly releases the water through evaporation. This product would be best paired with the better ventilated mascot and character suits.
If you'd like more control or to target more specific cool temperature while inside that mascot or character suit, Techniche CoolPax™ Phase Change Cooling Technology is necessary. By placing the CoolPax™ Inserts in a freezer, fridge, ice water, an ice cooler, or anywhere the temperature is below 58°F/14°C, they will activate and remain that specified temperature for up to 3 hours. These inserts are non-flammable, non-combustible, non-toxic, and are sealed inside polyurethane to ensure that they never leak. CoolPax™ inserts are best used with the proper Cooling Vests. One vest that Techniche offers is the Phase Change Performance Cooling Vest which is best for those who have to keep in motion and on the go when the inserts are activated.
Having a Techniche KewlFlow™ Cooling Vest on inside a mascot or character suit will keep the wearer comfortably cool and safe by allowing for continuous flow of cold water around the upper body through special tubes built into the vest and using the combination of ice water and special pumps. The system can be easily refilled for continuous cooling and operate with variable power sources (battery, 12C, 110AC).
For those mascot and character suits that seem to have very limited or almost no airflow, Techniche Manufacturing offers a Hybrid Evaporative Cooling Vest that provides the ultimate cooling relief. By combining the HyperKewl Evaporative Cooling Fabric with the CoolPax™ Inserts, Techniche Hybrid Cooling Vests maximize cooling comfort, flexibility, and duration.  Each vest also comes with one set of CoolPax™ inserts and a transport bag to keep them at the necessary temperature until you are ready to use them.

TechNiche International strives to bring you the most current and up to date technologies in advanced Cooling and Heating Apparel while providing performance, safety and above all else comfort. Techniche Manufacturing also offers cooling products that keep your dog cool in extreme high heat temperatures. Stay cool and comfortable -just hit the button and...

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