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UPDATE: OccuNomix has aquired TechNiche LLC. The two companies are leaders in the heat stress market and have combined their strengths to better service customers with the highest quality products.  TechNiche is known for its innovative designs and proprietary cooling technologies as well as manufacturing and distributing cooling apparel PPE to industrial, sports and healthcare markets. OccuNomix has one of the original and most extensive offerings of heat stress accessories for the head, neck, and body. Absorbing TechNiche's line of cooling products into OccuNomix now makes it even easier to keep you safe seen and comfortable on any job! OccuNomix is committed to making workplaces safer, and with this acquisition of TechNiche LLC they can now offer the safety industry's most diverse product line of heat stress related technologies.


If you call the outdoors your office, chances are you own all types of work clothing and accessories, especially if you live with varying weather climates. The closet most likely holds a variety of cooling apparel for the hot and humid weather and heating apparel for the cold conditions.

Heat stress and hypothermia are serious health hazards which laborers, athletes and employers must address and Techniche Internationalwe have just the solution. If you are seeking an industrial safety line of serious heating and cooling apparel or accessories, then we have just the solution!

Techniche offers a range of smart clothing technology and innovative climate control solutions for people working or recreating in uncomfortable temperatures. Their extensive product line includes specialized cooling vests, heat packs, head and neckwear, dog vests and horse blankets, and other items designed exclusively for personal comfort.

Techniche apparel is specifically designed to combat dangerous weather conditions and help maintain the body’s natural thermoregulation. Techniche performance apparel enhances performance and improves safety.

Protects Wearers From Hot & Cold Environmental Challenges

Used by Disneyland Parks and Resorts, Harley Davidson Motor Cycle, The Home Depot, Kawasaki, Staples, BMW, MSA, Adidas, Trek, and KTM Racing, TechNiche apparel was also used during the 2010 Vancouver and 2012 London Olympics!  Techniche garments are ideal for individuals who wear an outer layer of protective clothing such as cleanroom personnel, surgeons, HazMat responders, theater personnel who wear mascot costumes and for animals such as working canines and horses.


+HyperKewl™ Plus Evaporative Cooling material is a unique polymer fabric that absorbs and slowly releases water through an advanced evaporation process. Simply soak HyperKewl™ products in water for 1-2 minutes, gently squeeze out excess water and enjoy the cooling effect for 5-10 hours and an average cooling of 10-15°F/6-8°C cooler than the ambient temperature (depending on airflow).

+CoolPax™ Phase Change Cooling technology is controlled or targeted cooling. CoolPax™ products use cooling inserts that are made of a non-toxic carbon-based liquid material that's activated by exposing them to any condition below their Phase Change Temperature. This means that CoolPax™ can be activated in freezers, fridges, ice water, ice coolers or any other situation where the temperature is below 58°F/14°C and will maintain this temperature for 2-3 hours.

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