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Have You Tried Sucking ON A Straw Made From Wheat?Real Wheat Real Straws - All Natual Gluten-Free Straw Sticks

Wheat is a grass widely cultivated for its seed, a cereal grain which is a worldwide staple food. It is planted during the fall season, usually between October and December, and easily grows over the winter to be harvested in the spring or early summer. Typically it takes about seven to eight months to reach maturity.

Wheat is highly versatile. It is typically milled into flour which is then used to make a wide range of foods including bread, muffins, noodles, pasta, biscuits, cakes, pastries, cereal bars, snack foods and crackers. Wheat has commercial value as well. It is used in paper, hair conditioners, in wood for kitchen cabinets, adhesives on postage stamps, medical swabs and charcoal.


Industry has recently learned that another part of the plant also has great value.  Wheat straw is the stalk matter left over after wheat grains are harvested. Traditionally, the stalks have been treated as waste however many facilities are reclaiming this material and converting it to an exciting new, all-natural product with massive environmental benefits!

REAL STRAW : WHEAT STRAW STICKSReal Straw Gluten-Free Bar Straws

Amish Grown in Western New York & Mother Nature Approved

Would you believe me if I said that wheat could potentially eradiate plastic stirrers (stir sticks), cocktail sticks, highball sticks and perhaps even plastic drinking straws all over the world? Well it’s true! When wheat straw is processed and cleaned, it can be used as a straw or stirrer! Our natural wheat drinking straws are made entirely by nature, from the stem of the wheat plant and are the perfect alternative to paper straws, plastic stirrers and plastic drink straws.  They are ideal for:

  • Vacation Cruise Lines
  • Amusement Parks & Resorts
  • Outdoor & Waterfront Bars
  • Museums
  • Zoos
  • Vegan Friendly Establishments
  • Tiki Bars
  • Coffee Shops & Cafes
  • Wine Shops
  • Decor Shops
  • Zero Waste Businesses

Real Wheat Real Straws - All Natual Gluten-Free Straw SticksCONS

Wheat drink straw sticks do have pros and cons. Made from wheat, they have a smaller diameter than a traditional straw, closer to the tall black plastic cocktail straw. Wheat stems will break if they are pinched too hard and aren’t linear or uniform in diameter and length. They cost more than cheap paper and petroleum based plastic straws.


On the other hand, wheat stick straws work well in hot or cold drinks, and remain firm in water for weeks at a time. Wheat drink straws are 100% gluten-free, since the gluten in wheat is mostly found in the seed head. They are completely natural, 100% biodegradable and compostable. Naturally smooth and shiny, Real Wheat Stick Straws contain no inks, residues and are completely  tasteless.

Man Kind Created This Mess. It’s Time to Fix It!

Of course, a plastic drink straw is cheaper than a natural Real Wheat Straw. Those pennies saved is what got us (and nature) into this mess. But, a Real Wheat Straw costs less than a single maraschino cherry or cocktail olive. In fact, one box of Real Wheat Stick Straws covers about $3000 in drinks. Every time you serve a plastic straw or stir stick you compound a problem that will never go away. Replace those nasty plastic stirrers and straws today and eliminate toxic micro-plastic from our environment. Our Real Wheat Stick Straws are available in:


When you chose to serve Real Wheat Stick Straws at your establishment, you divert waste from landfill and oceans. You also tell your guests that you care about them, care about what goes into your drink, that you care about the environment and are doing something about it.  Guests will rave about them. Serve your customer a Real Wheat Stick Straw and it often turns into the center of conversation!  

If you do the math, you’ll realize those pennies you save purchasing cheap plastic straws really doesn’t equate to big money, but it is equating to destructive damage to our Planet and consumers know this. Purchase these all-natural Wheat Sticks today and build loyalty, gain recognition and strengthen your brand. Just hit the button and...

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