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Wypall® Disposable Wiping SolutionsKimberly Clark Professional Wypall® Disposable Wiping Solutions

Kimberly Clark® Professional is well known for its line of industrial wipers and we discovered that a few Wypall® wipers can be used for a variety of applications throughout the healthcare industry.

Wypall® #35010 X60 Disposable Shower Towel is generously sized at 22-1/2 inches x 39 inches and is constructed with a soft, absorbent, embossed nonwoven tissue fabric that features innovative Absorbency Pockets®. These HydroKnit pockets quickly absorb and hold fluids without sacrificing its strength.  These Wypall® disposable bath towels feature A-Frame Dispensing System was designed to reduce waste associated with grabbing more than one towel! Resembling a standard white bath towel, the Wypall® X60 Disposable Towel is very popular among spas, health clubs, tanning salons and oil/gas/ mining operations where workers typically shower at the end of their shift.  Its' large size is also perfect for soaking up large spills and wiping down very large surfaces such as industrial machinery and equipment. Businesses or individuals concerned about clean surfaces are also using these disposable bath towels to cover and protect delicate surfaces. Placed on seat cushions, chairs, mattresses and more many automotive dealerships, marine/RV showrooms, furniture stores, car museums have found that Wypall X60 Towels are a strong and affordable solution to protecting surfaces from possible consumer contamination and damage. These towels are packed 100 per pack, 3 packs per carton and they can be purchased by following this link [+here].
Wypall® #03086 L30 Wiper can be used for many different tasks around the home or office. Soft, absorbent and strong, these reinforced 10-inch x 10-inch L30 wipers can be used as personal cleaning cloths to remove make up or dry the face and hands.  They make awesome diner or lunch napkins and are highly recommended for use in cleaning glass windows or mirrors. Packed in a convenient portable Pop-Up box, Wypall L30  feature one-at-time dispensing to control waste and usage.  Packed 120 per box, 10 boxes per carton they can be purchased by following this link [+here].
Wypall® #05770 L40 Professional Towels offer cloth-like performance and are often used as a washcloth or personal cleansing cloth. Ultra-strong and ultra-soft, these 12-inch x 23-inch L40 Professional Towels can be used to cover and protect surfaces such as trays, countertops and more from contaminates and their large size make them ideal for cleaning equipment. Tattoo artists should consider using these low-lint, highly absorbent L40 professional towels as lap cloths during the stenciling process. Packed 45 per box, 12 boxes per carton they can be purchased by following this link [+here].
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