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Prevent the Spread with Disposable Face Masks & Face Shields

Popular for respiratory safety, protective face masks are worn to prevent the spread of germs from one person to another or to protect an individual from inhaling airborne particulates or droplets. They are made with either a pleated fronImage of Disposable Face Maskst with cloth ear-loops or ties and are available in a contour cup design.

Disposable face masks typically feature an adjustable nose band that secures the mask in place. They are used in  applications to cover the mouth and nose from  sprays, vapors, particles and can offset seasonal allergies. Masks that boast ASTM Ratings resist fluid strike-through and are worn in high-risk healthcare environments.

People should never share facemasks. They are meant to be a single-use item and if you are having trouble breathing, or the mask gets soiled, you should safely discard the mask and replace it with a new one.

Who Needs to Use Disposable Face Shields?

The intent of disposable face shields is to protect the face from potential hazards such as dust/dirt, debris, pathogens, fluid spray or chemicals. They are secured by an adjustable strap, feature an absorbent headband and are typically anti-fog, optically clear with low distortion. They are offered in full length (beyound the chin) and half face length (just below the nose) configurations. Both lengths are designed to wraparound to cover and protect the side of the face.

Disposable Face Shields alone aren't enough to completely protect somebody from impact hazards. They should only get used in combination with approved safety goggles, which will provide eye protection from flying hazards.

You should choose which one to use based on the type of work you are doing.

When to Use a Face Mask

Face masks are labeled for different uses, such as:

  • Isolation (ideal for home use)
  • Surgical
  • Dental/Medical
  • Procedural/Procedure
  • ASTM Level 1-3

When to Use a Face Shield

Face shields can be used MDS Economy Disposable Face Shield w/ Contoured Foam Band. Color blue (shown black)in professional and industrial situations as well as around the home. Disposable face shields are used in medical, dental, labs, research, corrections, morticians, vets and hospitals. Here are some of the situations that using a face shield is recommended:

Any situation that could result in:

  • Dust/Dirt/Debris/Powder
  • Light chemical splashes/sprays
  • Insect Stings/Bites
  • Exposure to pathogens/infectious fluids
  • Blood, saliva, feces, droplets
  • Paint/Stains

Instructions for proper face mask usage:

How to Wear a Disposable Face Mask

How to Wear a Disposable Facemask

How to Remove a Disposable Face Mask

How to Remove a Disposable Facemask


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