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Is Your Face Mask Causing “Maskne”?

There’s an uptick in skin irritations – from inflammation with red rashes to tiny clusters of pimples located around the mouth and nose – and its due to wearing face coverings!

The pandemic has created chaos and disruptions to virtually every home and business in the country. From supply chain shortages to social distancing rules and shut-downs, now add “maskne”. Maskne is acne that is caused by wearing face covers or face masks for extended periods of time. When you blend together trapped breathe, sweat, dirt, make-up and/or skin oils, you end up with a hot, moist envirPrevent Acne Associated From Face Masks and Coversonment under your mask and this often leads to the risk of irritation.

While experts agree on the importance of wearing masks, as it can help slow the spread of infection, there are downsides for some people, especially those who must keep them on during full workdays, anyone with underlying skin conditions (e.g., acne or rosacea) or for individuals with sensitive skin.

Because so many people are wearing disposable face masks or reusable type face covers because of pandemic requirements, skin problems like rashes, sores, acne or other irritations around the mouth and nose regions are becoming prevalent. The inner lining of the mask typically contacts the skin causing friction and irritation across the nasal bridge, behind the ears, under the chin and around the lips. This happens because masks are worn tight which is well-intended but it can strangulate the skin.

Unrealistic Remedies

Some medical professionals suggest using topical ointments such as zinc oxide to create a barrier layer in places where the mask will rub against the skin. But let’s face it, applying moisturizer or other ointments throughout the busy work day is unrealistic. That is, IF you remember to grab it along with your cell phone, face covering, purse/wallet, sanitizer and car keys!

If you're seeking a comfortable facemask that can help prevent “maskne”, we have just the solution!

It’s Like Wearing Moisturizer

Our ValuBran Disposable Protective Face Masks are unlike the many other disposable 3-ply face masks being sold in the marketplace and they're growing in popularity. Once you handle one of these masks you’ll notice the difference immediately! What separates ours from theirs is the attention to the details and an understanding of what wearers endure when wearing a mask for extended periods of time.

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These pleated ear-loop masks are ultra-soft, highly pliable and easily conform to the curves of the nose, cheeks and chin. They feature a silky smooth hypoallergenic inner lining that results inValuBran 3-Ply Hypoallergenic Fluid-Resistant Disposable Protective Ear-Loop Face Masks less chaffing and discomfort while a fluid-resistant outer layer prevents droplets from striking-through the mask putting one at risk to transmission. And for those who wear eyeglasses, they are very virtually fog-free. They're available in two popular colors:


A major hurdle in PPE compliance is making sure employees actually wear their protective gear. Supervisors have reported to us that of all the masks they’ve introduced, this mask is preferred and that their staff like wearing them! Many employees are also reporting that their skin and lips feel refreshed and that it’s much easier to breathe and talk.

Perfect for Extended-Use

ValuBran disposable protective masks feature an embedded bendable nose piece that allows the wearer to conform the mask against the nose to properly seal the top portion of the mask while the bottom section of the mask is designed to rest under the chin. Latex-free ear-loops rest behind the ears to keep the mask properly secured in place. To reduce contaminates, these masks come poly-packaged inside a dispenser box with the packaging featuring lot traceability and instructions for use.

October 2020 - New Addition So-Soft® Technology

Specifically made for individuals suffering from skin irritations, these popular Fluidsheild® masks  feature proprietary So-Soft® technology on two skin-mask contact points - the inner lining AND the ear-loops. So-Soft® uses Kleneex® brand facial tissue technology for an ultra soft and silky smooth hypoallergenic  inner lining that reduces skin irritations and reactions making them ideal for extended wear.

These high-performing Fluidshield® Pleated Procedure Masks have a foam strip that reduces fogging and enables wearers to breathe and talk much easier. Powered by patented POWERGUARD® filter technology for enhanced microbial barrier protection, these 4-Ply masks meet the ASTM F2100-11 Level 3 standard for respiratory protection in a variety of dental and healthcare settings. 

Prevent the Spread

It’s important to continue wearing a mask, even when it causes skin irritation. Wearing a disposable or reusable face mask properly can help reduce the potential of infection for patients and for medical professionals. Now you can keep your skin feeling comfortable and refreshed while doing your part to prevent the spread. All you need to do is tap the link and...

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