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Shrink Wrapping Can Create Mold, Mildew & Rust!

Shrink Wrapping Your Boat Can Create Mold, Mildew & Rust!When the boating season ends, boats are abruptly removed and then winterized. The process typically includes an acid wash, fluid changes, shrink wrapping and storage inside barns, industrial buildings or out in boatyards.

Boats are shrink wrapped as a way to weatherize vessels during the off-season. As part of the process, shrink wrap covers are typically ventilated to assist moisture problems that potentially lead to mold, mildew and rust but as any many boaters have found out, boat wrapping doesn’t guarantee that these dangers won’t present themselves between then and now.  

Mold Loves Moisture

When it comes to moisture, boats get hammered bad. During the summer they float on water, are often covered and exposed to the weather elements that fluctuate in temperatures.  If a vessel has a cabin, then wet bodies and items such as beach towels, bathing suits and boating equipment bring additional moisture inside. Very often still damp from the summer fun, marine vessels are abruptly removed, wrapped and unfortunately stored wet.

Shrink wrapping creates a versatile waterproof barrier that stands up to the environmental conditions, but anytime an object is wrapped with an impermeable poly barrier, it will sweat or create condensation and trap-in existing moisture. Just put your sandwich inside a zip-lock bag  and place it outside! This scenario creates the perfect breeding environment for mold, mildew and rust!

Do You Desiccant?

Moisture is a natural enemy to marine cabins and compartments but if you do not incorporate a desiccant, you will most likely have grave consequences! We’ve heard of contractors and service shops that think of creative ways to absorb moisture that include cutting up and filling plastic jugs with bulk absorbers but we have a simple, safe, easy and affordable solution to protecting marine cabins!

BoatSorb™ is a Safe, Affordable and Highly Effective Moisture Absorber & Mold Inhibitor Pouch That Keeps Cabins Dry and Fresh for Up to 90 Days! Ours are made in the USA!

Over here in Buffalo NY USA we took those DO NOT EAT packs and "put these on steroids" to create a premium line of industrial-sized, marine-grade desiccants designed to safeguard the interior of your powerboat, sailboat, yacht, jet-ski or recreational watercraft.  They only activate in the presence of moisture and will never leach.

BoatSorbâ„¢ Moisture Absorber PouchBoatSorb™ Marine-Grade Moisture Absorber and Mold/Rust Inhibitor Packs were originally patented to absorb "cargo sweat" in oceanic shipping containers and will hands down outperform silica, charcoal or clay based sorbent products. Perfect for year round protection or seasonal storage use these non-toxic pouches in conjunction with shrink wrapping to eliminate moisture so you will never see corrosive rust, mold or mildew growth and as an added bonus, the cabin will smell fresher and feel drier. 

Simple and effective—you can trust the protection of BoatSorb™.... eliminates moisture so you will never see corrosive rust, mold or mildew growth and as an added bonus, the cabin will smell fresher and feel drier!

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