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Proudly Announcing A New Line of High Performing American Made Cold Weather Uniform Work Gloves  

Here in the Northeast, it is not uncommon for snow to fly for 8 months of the year. For individuals who deliver letters or parcels to those who protect our country’s borders and streets, cold weather work gloves are critical to personal comfort, health and work efficiency.  

Not all gloves are created equally and matching tactility, dexterity and adequate warmth with the task or function can prove difficult as there are a limited number of winter glove options for uniformed workers who call the outdoors their office. That is, until now!

Revolutionary Uniform Gloves Make Tasks Easier

Made in the U.S.A.

MDS specializes in innovative product solutions for the hand protection industry and our many years of experience has provided us with this unique opportunity to work closely with other glove experts to bring you our innovative and unique line of AMERICAN MADE uniform work gloves for cold condition jobs.

When image is important, select these quality crafted professional looking uniform gloves to compliment business attire or work uniforms. This line of cold weather hand protection provides the perfect balance between warmth and function. Perfect for:

  • Law Enforcement,
  • US Customs / Border Patrol
  • US Postal/Letter Delivery
  • Parcel Delivery
  • Snow Removal
  • Ship Yards
  • Security
  • Photo/News
  • Valet
  • Buisness/Governement Dress
  • Military/Special Forces
  • Fleet Delivery

Keep Hands Warm with Swipe Compatibility

Smart devices have grown in popularity over the years and many workers are forced to remove their work gloves to operate the touch screen. Constant use causes the worker to expose their bare hand to the elements while drastically reducing work productivity. Recognizing this, many of our uniform dress gloves are constructed with index fingers and thumbs that are touchscreen compatible (TS).

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Highly crafted and available in three levels of warmth protection, we have a glove to match your dress code for virtually every weather condition!

  • Level 3 - Gloves for Extreme Cold Conditions

Features a triple layer of protection designed to provide protection from the most extreme weather conditions. Perfect for snow removal, ski resort operators, towing and outdoor recreation. Incorporated is a waterproof  barrier, a lining and insulation. These gloves would be considered bulky with no tactility or dexterity. TS indicates touchscreen compatible.

We feature two brands you can browse:

  1. Arctic TS™ Waterproof/Breathable Touch Screen Insulated Snow Gloveswith Rubbertec Palms
  2. BlizzardWaterproof/Breathable Insulated Snow Gloves with Rubbertec Palms

  • Level  2 - Gloves for Cold Conditions

Features a double layer of protection designed to provide protection from very cold to moderate weather conditions. These gloves are ideal for valet, postal workers, delivery personnel, utilities, law enforcement and more. Incorporated is a glove lining and insulation.  These gloves would be considered medium to heavy weight with limited tactility and dexterity. TS indicates touchscreen compatible.

We feature seven brands you can browse:

  1. Protector™ Kevlar®-Lined Leather Gloves
  2. Storm Trooper  Fleece Lined Nylon Leather Palm Gloves
  3. Transit TS™ Touch Screen Thinsulate™ Lined Spandex Leather Palm Gloves
  4. Captain™ Soft & Durable Leather Thinsulate™ Lined Gloves
  5. Omaha TS™ Suede Leather Touch Screen Thinsulate™ Lined Gloves
  6. Courier™ Suede Leather Thinsulate™ Lined Gloves
  7. Flip-Mitt Acrylic Synthetic Leather Palm Mitts

  • Level  1 - Gloves for Cool Conditions

Features a single, unlined layer of protection designed to provide basic coverage for your hands in cooler weather conditions. These gloves are ideal for valet, postal workers, delivery personnel, utilities, law enforcement and more.These gloves would be considered light to medium weight with high tactility, precise grip and high dexterity. TS indicates touchscreen compatible.

We feature six brands you can browse:

  1. Director TS™ Silk Weight Wind-Block Grid Pattern Palm Touch Screen Gloves
  2. Power Tec TS™ 4-Way Stretch Polyester Grip Dot Touch Screen Gloves
  3. Mech TS™  Mechanics Style Stretch Nylon Synthetic Suede Palm Touch Screen Gloves
  4. Expert™ Neoprene Gripper Dot Gloves
  5. Expert Fin™ Open Finger, Neoprene Gripper Dot Gloves
  6. Power Fleece TS™ Stretch Micro Fleece Palm Patch Touch Screen Gloves

Cold working conditions can be harsh to one’s hands! We offer a wide variety of American Made cold weather uniform and work safety gloves for virtually every work task. If we can help assist you in finding the proper glove to match your task please contact us.

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