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Contain Spills with Drop-In DriMop® Liquid Solidifiers DriMop ® Liquid Absorbers

Safe Compliance Packaging Products for Specimen Shipping

If you’re seeking the ideal solution for the shipping, storing, handling and transportation of aqueous solutions, dilute alkalis, toxic solutions, urine specimens, etiologic agents, radioactive solutions or biohazardous fluids that need to be contained, then consider DriMop® Liquid Absorber Solidifiers from Multisorb.

These self-dissolving and rapid absorbing fluid solidifiers, or fluid immobilizers, allow medical facilities and labs to be compliant with the handling, shipping and compliance risks of diagnostic specimens, infectious substances or dangerous goods and prevent cross-contamination.

Prevent Fluids From Soaking or Leaking Through Shipping Containers & Provide Peace of Mind!

Constructed with water-soluble paper and super absorbent polymers, DriMopLiquid Absorbers make cleaning up spills quicker and easier. They also help comply with DOT, CDC, OSHA, IATA, ICAO, US Postal Service and United Nation Regulations!

Easy to use and fact acting,  DriMop® absorber pouches and DriMop® laminated sheets will quickly immobilize fluids.  DriMop® 0.5 gram, 1.5 gram and 5.0 gram pouches are specially formulated to burst open in the presence of a wide range of fluids quickly, while the convenient DriMop® laminated sheets quickly absorbs fluids in almost any size or shape container. Made with a specially formulated fiber-based paper bonded with the same immobilizing powder used in the pouches, these flexible fluid absorber sheets are awesome for applications where space is at a premium.  Select from 3” x 5”, 3” x 6”, 4” x 5”, 6” x 6” and 12” x 12” sizes.

Use DriMop® Liquid Absorber for applications that include:

  • Test Kits
  • Lab Trays
  • Medical Specimens
  • Test Tubes, Vials and Medical Containers
  • Medical Infectious Red Bags
  • Kick Buckets
  • Specimen Shipping Containers and Bags
  • Evidentiary Collection Kits
  • Sharps Disposal Collectors
  • Protection of Package During Transport

Appreciated by Infection Control Coordinators, Risk Management Professionals, and Operating Room Supervisors, DriMop Liquid Solidifiers will allow your facility to be compliant  with the handling and transport protection of potentially hazardous/infectious bio-waste and reduce infectious waste exposure to patients. Made in the USA!  Don't take our word for it,

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