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DriMop® Protects

Military Specimen Samples

Clinical urine tests are various tests of the urine used for diagnostic purposes. A urinalysis is quick, easy and painless making it one of the most common methods of medical diagnosis. Urine tests are used to detect substances such as illegal drugs or cells that point to different health disorders.DriMop® Self Rupturing Fluid Solidifier Packets

Doctors, sports officials, and employers commonly request urine drug screens for a range of reasons. They are common in workplaces that require high levels of safety or involve the use of machinery or vehicles. 

Of all the employers who use drug testing, one of the largest is the United States' Department of Defense (DOD).

To combat widespread drug use among the military, the DOD implements an aggressive drug testing policy that’s required by all active service members, including military and civilian to test for potential drug abuse and addiction at least once in a year. In fact, the Department of Defense labs tests 60,000 urine random samples each month.

The US military – the Navy in particular – has a zero tolerance policy towards drug and alcohol abuse. If a drug test returns positive, the guilty member of the military is punished accordingly. That could translate to a court marshall, a discharge, possible criminal prosecution and can disqualify individuals from a host of veterans benefits.

For these reasons, the entire testing process is critically and carefully observed in order to remove any member of the military branches who violates that policy. Protecting urine samples against cross contamination becomes critical as it could lead to a possible self-defense and the hiring of a lawyer.

Military Specimen Shipping Requirements | SOP

Once urine samples are gathered, labeled and recorded they are packaged for transportation to the Service Forensic Toxicology Drug Testing Laboratories (FTDTL). Shipping samples via the US Postal Service or commercial air often results in jostling during transit. This can cause leaking in some of the containers, creating “wet” samples or shipper boxes that show signs of cross-contamination and possible corruption of potential evidence. The military requires the use of a liquid absorbent be placed in each specimen box (containing up to 12 specimens). Its function is to absorb and contain any leakage that may occur during the shipping process.

These Specially Formulated Liquid Solidifier Packets & Laminated Sheets Quickly Activate in the Presence of Fluids & Immobilizes them.

DriMop® is a popular, non-toxic fluid solidifying device for medical shipping containers/boxes, bio-specimen transportation bags and used for vials, test kits, and lab trays. Available in self-bursting pouches and laminated sheets, these drop-in liquid absorbers absorb over 400x’s their own weight and immobilize fluids. They also help comply with DOT, CDC, OSHA, IATA, ICAO, US Postal Service, Military Specimen Shipping and United Nation Regulations!

Available in a variety of pre-cut sizes, the DriMop® Liquid Solidifying Laminate Sheets are a fiber-based paper bonded with DriMop® Immobilizing Powder. It absorbs and encapsulates about 10cc per square inch and typically used in the bottom of red bags, burn boxes, specimen shippers and sharps containers. These innovative laminated sheets provide effective fluid control in almost any size or shape container where space is at a premium.

DriMop® Solidifier Packets quickly self-ruptures in the presence of liquid and turns it into a gel like substance. Select these packets when procedures require one solidifier per storage container. Any solidified material is easily contained by an outer vessel, shipping container, or other such device, resulting in safer handling.

DriMop® is the ideal solution for shipping, storing, and handling of aqueous solutions that must be contained quickly and effectively in the event of a leak. DriMop® Liquid Solidifiers will allow your facility to

be compliant  with the handling and transport protection of potentially hazardous/infectious bio-waste and reduce infectious waste exposure. Made in the USA!  Don't take our word for it,

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