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Protecting Human Links in the Medical Testing Chain-of-Custody

Covid-19 Medical Specimen Testing










When Accidents Happen - DriMop® Self-Rupturing Liquid Solidifiers Protect Those Who Handle and Transport Infectious Bodily Fluids, Covid-19 Tests and Medical Specimens From Exposure Hazards!

As we live through unprecedented times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, politicians, professional sports, doctors and media are all talking about testing. Testing is a key to controlling and managing COVID-19 outbreaks. It allows us to identify and quarantine infected patients, while also conducting contact tracing to limit the spread of infection.

Samples of bodily fluids taken in medical settings have to be sent to a laboratory for analysis. Chain-of-custody is a legal protocol describing the documentation of specimen transfer from the time of collection until final disposition. Following this protocol helps maintain sample integrity, but it creates a risk that these samples could accidently be released during transport. How do we protect people who transport and handle samples of bodily fluids like blood, urine, stool and saliva if containment is lost?

DriMop® Adsorbent Liquid Solidifers Are Specially Formulated to Activate in the Presence of Fluids

DriMop® Liquid Solidifier PacketsDOT CFR49 and UN3373 compliant, DriMop® Solidifier Packets and Sheets are specifically designed to control fluid spills. They contain a self-rupturing, super-absorbent polymer powder that quickly absorbs, solidifies and immobilizes solutions. The resulting gelatinous material is easily contained by an outer vessel, shipping container or other such device, greatly reducing the risk of release of contaminates , resulting in safer handling.

DriMop®, which quickly absorbs and solidifies 400 times its own weight, is the ideal solution to managing this increased medical testing and transportation of specimen samples. Inevitably, a package will be mishandled and dropped; samples will be damaged in an auto accident; a box will get wet and collapse. You may not be able to prevent accidents, but you can control exposure when one happens.

Drug testing has been standard for many years in the military as well as competitive athletics. When considering reopening, testing for COVID-19 is a key pillar to allowing professional and college sports leagues to begin training in hopes of a playing meaningful games. In fact, multiple tests per week are a key measure in protecting the safety of athletes, coaches, team staff and their families.

We recently received an order from a customer who will be managing COVID-19 testing for multiple professional sports leagues, and another from a major hospital network. The number of tests they will be conducting has grown at an exponential rate due to COVID-19, and they chose to add DriMop® to the protocol to ensure worker safety. For literally pennies per sample, DriMop® provides an additional layer of safety that can’t ignored when dealing with a deadly pathogen.

Made in the USA

DriMop® is available in a sheet form that can be wrapped around a sample vial or inside in a biohazard bag or carton with limited space. DriMop® also comes in the form a self-bursting, self-dissolving packet that can be included in packaging or waste bags during transport. DriMop® sheets are available in multiple sizes and can be cut or customized to a specific size. Pre-measured DriMop® packets are also available in multiple sizes and quantities.

DriMop® is the ideal solution for shipping, storing, and handling of aqueous solutions that must be contained quickly and effectively in the event of a leak. DriMop® Liquid Solidifiers will allow your facility to be compliant  with the handling and transport protection of potentially hazardous/infectious bio-waste and reduce infectious waste exposure. Made in the USA!  Don't take our word for it,

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