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SPFGSS Superior Glove® Cool Grip® GlovesCool Grip® Flexible High Heat Gloves

When  the request is for protection against heat hazards, this Cool Grip® Glove is impressively dexterous and highly flexible.

Heat-resistant gloves are industrial work gloves designed to protect workers' hands from burns or other hand injuries that can result from coming into contact with extremely hot objects, working near sparks or flames, or from being exposed to high temperatures in the workplace.

Very often, hand protection comes with trade-offs. When it comes to heat-resistant safety gloves, one of the most popular requests is for a glove that offers excellent protection against heat hazards without being too thick and cumbersome.

That’s because many workers fear that the bulkiness of a glove that offers such a high level of heat protection could interfere with their ability to get work done by inhibiting their full range of movement. That perception is about to change!

Superior Glove® has harnessed the power of engineered yarns to create a work glove for excellent heat resistance, dexterity and flexibility to get the job done. Ideal for small part handling, here is one heat-resistant glove with plenty of dexterity that would make great addition to your toolkit.

When Dexterity is Crucial

Designed to be worn for an 8 to 12 hour shift, SPFGSS Cool Grip® String-Knit Work Gloves provide the perfect balance of high-heat resistance, gripping power and dexterity. The gloves are lined with silicone strips strategically placed across the palms and finger tips. These silicone strips increase thermal properties, abrasion and cut resistance and the overall life of the gloves. The spaces between the silicone strips traps air to allow for longer contact time in high heat conditions.

This ergonomically designed Cool Grip® Glove is made from a special high bulk yarn that features a blend of polyester and composite filament fiber with great heat hold out. The salt and pepper 7-gauge seamless knitted glove is contoured to fit the shape of the hand to prevent it from compromising freedom of hand movement. This glove was tested to ASTM F1060-87 standard for a time to pain of 19 seconds at 600°F. This yarn also provides impressive resistance to abrasion and moderate ANSI level A3 cut resistance with 1493 grams of cut protection.

Ideal for:

  •     Laboratory
  •     Foundry
  •     Glass Plants
  •     Working with Ovens
  •     Injection Molding

These Cool Grip® knitted gloves have a generous cuff length to provide enhanced barrier coverage up the wrist. The knit construction allows the glove to release any hand heat build-up which translates to fresher hands, less accidents and better productivity. But take our word for it, just hit the button and ...

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