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The HOT Hand Protection Solution for Metal Casting

The Dragon™ R800GMM Stainless Steel Mitts Provide Better Airflow and Layer Separation When Dealing with Extreme Heat and Cut Hazards

Dragon™ R800GMM  Stainless steel mesh mitts

Capable of generating extremely high temperatures, industrial ovens referred to as foundry furnaces are used for a variety of applications across many industries. A foundry furnace’s main function is to melt and shape a wide range of metals, including iron, cooper, tin, steel, aluminum, brass, bronze and more into a liquid form that is poured into reusable or expendable molds to create various products such as engine blocks, jewelry, weapons, sculptures, pipes, tools and more. Once the mold material has cooled and solidified, it is removed.

Severe lacerations and skin burns are just a few dangers of the job. If you are molten metalworker, glass blower or meal fabricator it is critical to follow all recommended safety guidance that includes wearing the proper protective equipment (P.P.E.) such as flame resistant apparel and ANSI heat rated hand protection constructed to protect against burn injuries.

The most important (but sometimes overlooked) protective items you can have with you are the proper work gloves. Workers shouldn’t have to choose between comfort and safety. The glove engineers at Superior Glove® are hand protection specialists that love gloves! As such, these innovative designers have developed a specialized industrial mitt designed for casting, forging, hot parts handling, steel manufacturing, metal fabrication, glass manufacturing and foundry.

Metal Casting Wearing Personal Protective Equipment Constructed with ParaActiv™ engineered yarn material, these Dragon™ R800GMM industrial work safety mitts feature an outer layer of stainless-steel mesh to promote airflow, prevent snags to the fabric and dissipate heat. This mesh ensures the hands remain apart from surfaces while an interior liner adds additional cushioning, making them ideal for handling hot heavy objects that can compress gloves against the skin.  

Reach, lift and handle hot, sharp and heavy items with confidence. The Dragon™ R800GMM work mitts provide wearers with ANSI level 5 heat resistance (320°C or 608°F) and  ANSI cut level A9 360° extreme cut-resistance for the hands -  the maximum cut-resistance available. Generous 7-1/2 inch ParaActiv gauntlet cuffs provide extra barrier protection to keep wrists and forearms safer.

The ambidextrous or reversible design allows operators to slip the mitt on and off either hand easily. Lastly, this furnace safety mitt can be machine washed and tumbled dry on high heat. Avoid the use of bleach as it can ruin the glove’s integrity. One size fits most.

Superior Glove® has harnessed the power of engineered yarns to create work gloves for excellent heat resistance, dexterity and flexibility to get the job done. If the dragon is too much for you try these Cool Grip® knitted gloves that have a generous cuff length providing enhanced barrier coverage up the wrist. The knit construction allows the glove to release any hand heat build-up which translates to fresher hands, less accidents and better productivity. 

No matter where you work, there's always some risk of injury. That's why it's so important to make sure you're ready for whatever the work shift brings by wearing the best safety gloves for the job. All you need to do is tap the link below and …

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