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If the nature of the job is dirty, greasy or abrasive and it has your company turning work gloves, then be sure to check out this afforadable line of quality made palm coated string knit industrial work gloves.

Because the hands play an important role in virtually every application that’s performed, one of the most important protective items you can have with you at your work station or job site are the proper work gloves. Tasks such as lifting, shoveling or assembly require fine motor control and dexterity and the work help get the job done both efficiently and safely.

Despite OSHA standards governing hand protection such as standard number CFR 1910.138 (a) (b) where it states that employers must require employees to wear hand protection when exposed to hazards, hand injuries still make up a large portion of reported injuries in industrial workplaces. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics claim that over 70% of workers experiencing hand injuries were not wearing gloves at the time and the remaining 30% were not wearing the right type of glove.


Reducing hand accidents will not only save many workers from the trauma of injury but also prevent lost man hours sparing the company huge insurance costs. If you work in construction, landscaping, gardening, sealing, general maintenance or light assembly and searching for a palm coated knitted work glove that’s reasonably priced, then check out these quality made palm coated string knitted work gloves from Emerald Personal Protection Products.

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Designed for general duty applications, these Emerald brand of coated seamless knitted work gloves are available in a variety of quality materials. Versatile, form fitting and competitively priced, Emerald work gloves are available in wholesale master packaged cases and is perfect hand protection for high consumption industrial operations, dirty jobs or for abrasive applications where gloves deteriorate or are replaced quickly.

The glove's palms and fingers are protected by a dipped coating made out of latex, nitrile or polyurethane. They're washable, tactile, dexterous and available in many sizes for the most comfortable fit.

+The “Ranger” work glove is a black 13-gauge seamless glove shell featuring a foam nitrile coating that provides chemical resistance with superior grip in wet, oily conditions.

+The “Deputy Dog” hi-vis thermal work glove features a thermal lined, hi-viz green 73-gauge seamless glove shell with a unique anti-slip black latex finish with Tex-Grip Technology®. Ideal for cold conditions, the hi-viz green shell keeps the workers alert and makes PPE compliance checks easier and faster. Anti-vibration enhancements reduce stressful forces in the palm region making it ideal for freezers, snow removal and operating power tools.

+The “Hawk” work glove  features a 13-gauge black seamless glove shell featuring a flexible, textured soft-modulus polyurethane coating that provides operators with enhanced dexterity, tactility and grip. This glove is ideal for automotive, light assembly and general maintenance.

+The “Deputy” hi-vis work glove features a hi-viz green 13-gauge seamless glove shell with a tenacious anti-slip black latex finish with Tex-Grip Technology®. The hi-viz green shell keeps the workers alert and makes PPE compliance checks easier and faster.

+The "My Bad” work glove features long, snug-fitting cuffs and are 25% thinner than other foam nitrile coated gloves, “My Bad” work gloves with micro-foam nitrile coated Tungsten Grip are a breathable and strong solution for precision handling in dry environments. Perfect solution for general assembly, micro-engineering, automotive, painting, horticulture and package handling applications.

Emerald palm coated string knit work gloves are affordable, general-duty hand protection for applications such as gardening, masonry, household chores, material handling, blacktop, construction, landscaping, cleaning and maintenance. Available with red or blue latex palm coating, these affordable work gloves provide a powerful grip and price relief.

Wholesale priced, these low cost, high quality work gloves are bulk packaged to save your facility money and reduce ordering frequency. Offset the high cost of fuel and inflation!

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