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Imprintable Respirators are Perfect for Corporate Messaging
Wed, Nov 25th 2020 08:00 am
MDS Associates has partnered with Shatkin F.I.R.S.T. ® - a domestic, round-the-clock manufacturing facility producing high-quality compliant N95/FFP2 disposable face masks in Buffalo, NY USA. We are not only offering you the ability to purchase American Made disposable particulate respirators, but for a minimal upcharge you can opt to custom logo your order. Spread your message, promote your business, corporate brand, sports team, school or just have some fun!
Logoed Personal Protective Gear with PIP®
Mon, Nov 16th 2020 08:00 am
Unfortunately for businesses, workplace theft appears to be an increasingly common problem. A pair of safety glasses here, a pair of work gloves or two there, a hard hat, a safety vest, a bump cap - who would ever miss these little items should they disappear from the workplace? A very simple, effective and affordable solution to reduce "slippery fingers" within the corporate setting is to consider customizing your PPE supplies and imprinting it with your corporate information or logo
Stop Using Your Sleeve! Barrier Sheets for Public Door Handles
Thu, Nov 12th 2020 08:00 am
There's one surface no one likes to touch and it's the public lavatory door knobs and handles! Touching a dirty bathroom handle or knob after washing the hands not only defeats the purpose, it can cross-contaminate germs and bacteria. These affordable and effective protective surface barrier sheets eliminate individuals from using their shirt or jacket sleeves to open publicly shared handles and reduce cross-contamination.
FluidShield Level 3 Masks Provide High Level Respiratory Protection
Tue, Nov 10th 2020 08:00 am
Halyard Health Facial Protection offers a broad range of styles, features, and levels of protection. From standard and fluid resistant masks, to particulate filter respirators, eyewear, and face shields, Halyard face masks are the choice of more healthcare professionals where comfort and protection are needed in a variety of tasks and procedures. These FluidShield Level 3 Fog-Free Masks are ideal respiratory protection against the spread of airborne diseases.
Vegware™ Takeout Essentials
Sat, Nov 7th 2020 08:00 am
The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has shuttered restaurants all across the U.S. forcing many restaurants to close or restrict their seating capacity. In order to survive, many food establishments are using food delivery and takeout service as viable alternatives and this has lead to an explosion of disposable food and beverage containers. From plant-based bagasse takeout containers and compostable Bella pots, to renewable CPLA cutlery and sustainably-sourced soup containers, Vegware™ has everything you need to serve takeout and delivery sustainably.
Reach for the Rebar with these TenActiv™ Tough Work Gloves
Thu, Nov 5th 2020 08:00 am
When work gloves degrade, it can translate to a potential hand injury and elevated replacement costs. Having the proper PPE can also be the difference between a job well done or a trip to the E.R. Long lasting, tactile and tough, these palm coated TenActiv™ Work Gloves from Superior Glove® are recommended for construction sites that use steel rebar as part of the process
Not All Silica Gel is Created Equal
Sat, Oct 31st 2020 08:00 am
Multisorb's silica gel products are in a class by itself. Carefully formulated and closely managed during manufacturing, the silica gel used in their desiccants is placed through a second drying phase. The result is a network of consistent and high performing microscopic pores with an insatiable thirst for moisture, a capability of adsorbing greater than 30% of its weight at a relative humidity (RH) of 60% or above and products that arrive in or remain pristine condition!
Affordable Isolation Gowns for Desperate Times
Wed, Oct 28th 2020 08:00 am
If you're searching for an alternative gown for routine barrier protection against pathogens, liquids, dust, light acid/alkali splashes, particulates and other unwanted debris at an affordable price, then we have just the solution! Offered at a fraction of current market cost, these polyethylene (PE) gowns are quick, easy and provide facilities with effective economical barrier protection during routine tasks such as brief exams
Disposable Filtration Masks | Respirators 101
Fri, Oct 23rd 2020 08:00 am
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization recommend that masks be worn during the pandemic to reduce the transmission of the virus. With so many different types of facemasks available (referring to medical or surgical masks, N-95 and similar respirators) many individuals are learning that not all masks are created equal and it has sowed confusion about the utility of masks.
Fall Signals the End of Summer & Seasonal Boat Storage
Tue, Oct 20th 2020 08:00 am
BoatSorb™ Marine-Grade Dehumidifier and Mold/Rust Inhibitor Packs were originally patented to protect supplies along the supply chain. Designed to absorb "cargo rain" within oceanic shipping containers, BoatSorb hands down out performs retail moisture containers and is more effective and safer than silica, clay, charcoal or brine blended absorbers. BoatSorb™ is non-toxic, non-corrosive and prevent potential mold, mildew, deterioration or rust damages to boat cabins, compartments and deck areas during seasonal use or winter storage for over 90+ days!
Buffalo NY Does More Than Chicken Wings!
Fri, Oct 16th 2020 08:00 am
Pure Environments by Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.® is a domestic, round-the-clock manufacturing facility producing high-quality N95/FFP2 disposable respirator face masks in Buffalo NY USA, just a short drive from our corporate office. When you purchase these disposable N95 respirators you are truly supporting American workers and helping one of our local community businesses. MDS Associates is proud to partner with Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.® and will be a stocking distributor of Pure Environments brand N95 respirator masks!
PIP® G-Tek® Cut Protection Technology Platforms
Wed, Oct 14th 2020 08:00 am
Hand protection is more than just about cut protection. It is about cut protection to meet every need. G-Tek® represents the safety's industry's most comprehensive line of next generation coated seamless knit gloves. For over 30 years PIP® has invested in G-Tek® products evolving them from simple cotton knits to the most advanced gloves that combine engineered yarns, advanced ergonomic design and coating elastomers. Check out the many different G-Tek® glove styles available for your hand protection program today.
Alcohol Spray Keeps the Germs Away
Fri, Oct 9th 2020 08:00 am
A dirty automobile interior creates foul odors, the potential for cross-contamination and the risk of infection. If you manage an automotive dealership, a car rental agency, service center, public transportation or provide a private transportation service then removing germs, dirt, biofilms and other unwanted impurities from surfaces become paramount to preventing microorganisms from making residence. A clean interior also allows owner operators and passengers to be more at ease and signals that you care about health and safety.
Fluid Absorber Sheets for Safer Sharps Waste Management
Wed, Oct 7th 2020 08:00 am
It's pretty simple needles don't belong in the garbage. Unfortunately, the majority of self-injectors are still disposing of home-generated sharps in the household garbage. This practice has kick started new ways of disposing sharps that includes mail-back retrieval programs sent through the United States Post Office. Mail-back kits must meet certain packaging requirements that includes the use of an fluid absorber within secondary packaging. DriMop® fluid solidifier sheets makes spill control easy and effective!
Single-Use Poly Gloves for Sanitary Polling Places | Prevent the Spread
Sat, Oct 3rd 2020 09:00 am
This year's elections will be unlike others. The Covid-19 pandemic has placed a great emphasis on infection control reshaping the way we vote, perhaps forever. How will polling places keep voters and workers safe against the spread of infection? Here's a simple solution! Designed to prevent cross-contamination within the food and beverage industries, disposable polyethylene gloves are easy and fast to wear, provide basic hand barrier protection and are affordable.
Hand Protection is Vital to the Concrete Trade
Fri, Oct 2nd 2020 08:00 am
When a worker has prolonged exposure to repetitive impacts or vibrations, they are susceptible to getting hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) or carpal tunnel syndrome. This is a serious medical condition that is irreversible once it has set in. For concrete and cement workers, versatile gloves that provide good dexterity and also incorporate anti-vibration cushioning are a daily necessity. These VIBGHFV Vibrastop™ Leather Half-Finger Work Gloves from Superior Glove® are just the solution!
Shoe Covers Prevent the Tracking of Contaminates
Sat, Sep 26th 2020 09:00 am
Keep dangerous contaminates from tracking into your space, slip-on a pair of disposable shoe covers and make sure you're putting your safest foot forward. Designed to keep floors sanitary and footwear clean, shoe covers are disposable PPE garments that easily slip-on and fit snugly over a variety of shoe styles and sizes.
Infection Control Computer Keyboard Covers
Fri, Sep 25th 2020 08:00 am
Computer keyboards are particularly vulnerable to the cross-contamination of bacteria and germs because grubby fingers mindlessly touch dirty surfaces and then repeatedly go back to typing. Placing a disposable cover on computer equipment and replacing it each shift could be key component to infection control. At MDS we offer a variety of disposable keyboard pouches, skins and covers to fit your needs - truly universal with different styles to fit small to x-large size keyboards.
Straw Wars | The Saga Continues
Sat, Sep 19th 2020 08:00 am
Used once and then tossed in the garbage, Americans unfortunately use millions of plastic straws and stirrers each day. Those straws litter our streets, lands, shorelines and oceans where they harm or kill marine life and release toxic pollutants. Instead, try these 100% compostable wheat hay drinking straws made entirely by nature, from the stem of the wheat plant. They're the perfect alternative to paper, plastic stirrers, straws and consumers LOVE them!
Prepasted Toothbrushes
Thu, Sep 17th 2020 08:00 am
Fresh breath, clean teeth and a healthy smile just got easier. Individually packaged, hygienically sealed and prepasted, these water-activated toothbrushes travel anywhere and stand ready whenever you are - just wet, brush and go. Perfect for dental, medical, hospitality and more!
MaxiFlex® ATG® Endurance™ Breathable Grip Gloves
Thu, Sep 10th 2020 09:15 am
Work gloves can be a slippery topic. Glove coatings added to the palm region of work gloves are designed to help operators grip items, but glove coatings can sometimes become slick, and this potentially can cause damage or an injury. Designed and developed as a breathable grip glove, the MaxiFlex® Endurance™ Series of industrial hand protection is raising the bar
Organic Food Packaged in Plastic Containers Don't Mix
Mon, Sep 7th 2020 09:00 am
A quality packaging design will easily distinguish an organic, natural food product from conventional, mass-produced products. To differentiate a brand, many organic food manufacturers are starting to showcase their commitment to sustainability and opting for eco-friendly food packaging.
Selecting the Proper Face Mask
Thu, Sep 3rd 2020 08:00 am
There are a wide variety of masks on the market. Face masks vary in level, color and patterns, fit, comfort, and price. However, are you buying and using the correct mask for the procedures performed daily? Selecting the wrong mask for the task could put you at risk to transmission and potential infection. ASTM ratings can help you select the proper mask for the task!
Sterling SG Nitrile Exam Gloves
Tue, Sep 1st 2020 08:00 am
Despite record high prices and PPE glove shortages, MDS is proud to announce we can help you capture gloves! MDS has a limited amount of high-quality, proven reliable Nitrile Exam Gloves available for purchase! Glove Your Hands with Sterling SG* Nitrile Exam Gloves - Now in Stock!
New Endura® 4PRO™ Driver Gloves for Serious Pros
Fri, Aug 28th 2020 08:00 am
A serious work glove for serious pros! Ideal for mining, utilities, construction, oil and gas hand safety, the 378GKG4P Endura® 4PRO™ Driver Gloves from Superior Glove® is a serious work horse designed to protect a laborers most important tool - their hands. Endura® 4PRO™ Driver Gloves feature padded palm inserts that provide minor vibration dampening and boast additional multiple safety and performance features
Reusable Face Masks with filtration efficiency > 95%
Wed, Aug 26th 2020 08:00 am
If you're looking to save money, suffering from "Maskne" or seeking a washable mask with protective technologies, we have something for you! Check out these NEW washable antibacterial protective face masks equipped with multiple state-of-the-art textile technologies whose filtration efficiency is greater than 95%. They're a real game changer!
PIP® Maxiflex® Industrial Work Gloves - Newest Additions
Fri, Aug 21st 2020 08:00 am
Protective Industrial Products® (PIP® for short) mission of "Bringing the Best of the World to You®" is fulfilled everyday by providing best-in-class safety products worldwide. PIP® has announced two new editions to the MaxiFlex® ATG® line of industrial work gloves that feature patented MicroFoam nitrile palm coating. Introducing 34-774B MaxiFlex® Elite™ General Duty Work Gloves and 34-1743 MaxiFlex® Cut™ Safety Work Gloves!
One Size Does NOT Fit All - Masks for Children
Tue, Aug 18th 2020 08:00 am
An adult mask worn by child will not fit properly and consequently will not provide any respiratory safety! Now available are specially designed youth sized disposable medical-grade protective face masks from Dynarex®. The smaller size easily conforms to children's faces for maximum protection against fluids and boasts an impressive Bacteria Filter Efficiency (BFE) > 98% against unwanted airborne particles
Safe Pens for Safer Sign-Ins
Sat, Aug 15th 2020 08:00 am
The virus that causes COVID-19, is mostly spread by respiratory droplets released when people talk, cough, or sneeze. However, it is very possible that a person can get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes. Schools, medical clinics, election polling or similar registration events that use pens should consider using these disposable poly pen sleeves to help prevent the spread
Are You Suffering from "Maskne"?
Wed, Aug 12th 2020 08:00 am
When you blend together trapped breathe, sweat, dirt, make-up and/or skin oil, you end up with a hot, moist environment under your mask and this often leads to irritation or acne, referred to as "maskne". ValuBran 3-ply ear-loop face masks feature a silky smooth hypoallergenic inner lining that results in less chaffing and discomfort while a fluid-resistant layer prevents droplets from striking-through putting one at risk to transmission.
Compostable Waxed Paper Can Prevent Cross-Contamination
Fri, Aug 7th 2020 08:00 am
Used in conjunction with set-up or instrument type trays are single-use tray liners or covers. Constructed of polyethylene or heavy weight stock paper, disposable tray liners serve as a convenient infection prevention surface barrier. They can minimize noise, reduce the need for chemicals, improve the visibility of tools and protect against contaminants, liquids, grease, bodily fluids and debris
The Supply Chain Pandemic
Wed, Aug 5th 2020 08:00 am
The pandemic is not going to end anytime soon, and the turmoil in the supply chain is expected to last until 2021 at least. To get the most out of your supplier relationships, now is the time to work with distributors as true business partners. If you proceed looking at your suppliers as commodity brokers valued for price alone, you will end up disappointed, or worse, out of business.
Don't Wait to Purchase Your Virus Supplies for Schools
Fri, Jul 31st 2020 08:00 am
When fall arrives, will the students return to school? If school administrators put off ordering essential infection control supplies and PPE, they might be left unprotected! But the longer you wait, the harder these will be to procure. Check out these essential supplies commonly ordered by many educational facilities
Keep PPE Accessible and Organized
Mon, Jul 27th 2020 08:00 am
BOWMAN® Dispensers is your one stop shop for personal protective equipment storage, organizing and dispensing solutions. From glove box and mask dispensers to flu stations, bulk bin dispensers to isolation supply stations and mobile PPE carts, BOWMAN® is the industry leader in affordable PPE dispensing solutions
Barrier Sleeves for Sanitary Polling Places
Thu, Jul 23rd 2020 08:00 am
On Election Day, voters will enter private booth areas to fill out their ballots but with the public health threat posed by covid-19, commonly shared items such as ink pens, touch screens, tablets and keyboards used during voting are a concern for polling administrators. Our single-use barrier sleeves help prevent cross-contamination that could potentially lead to the transmission of infectious pathogens.
Slow the Spread with Anti-microbial Treated Reusable Face Covers
Sun, Jul 19th 2020 08:00 am
Help prevent the spread of respiratory disease! These 393-FC10 Reusable Face Covers from Protective Industrial Products (PIP®) are a great alternative to ear-loop style masks that need to be replaced regularly. Lightweight, easy to tote and machine-washable, PIP® brand face covers feature an anti-microbial treatment, contoured shape and heavy duty head/neck straps built for comfort and durability!
Keep Workers Safe & Seen with UV Blocking Work Shirts
Thu, Jul 16th 2020 08:00 am
Outdoor laborers are regularly exposed to many hazards such as weather extremes, stinging insects, moving vehicles or machinery and sun exposure. Keep workers safe and seen. Hi-viz work shirts from PIP® feature 50+ UPF sun block protection and are available with built-in insect repellent.
When It Comes to Hand Sanitizer, Trust Synergy™
Mon, Jul 13th 2020 08:00 am
According to the CDC, "hand hygiene is an important part of the U.S. response to the international emergence of infection". From KN95's to disinfectants, hand sanitizer too has seen its share of unproven claims and dangerous formulations that are often misleading to consumers. Shortages of hand sanitizer and all-time high prices has attracted "retro-fitted" distilleries and many counterfeiters making promises and claims that theirs will protect against the spread of pathogens. If you're seeking a of hand sanitizer you can trust, then you need to check-out new Synergy™. Made in North America by a trusted and renowned company, Synergy™ rivals Purell®!
DriMop® Liquid Absorber Protects Covid-19 Testing
Wed, Jul 8th 2020 08:00 am
As we live through unprecedented times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, politicians, doctors, professional sports and media are all talking about medical testing. Testing is a key to controlling and managing COVID-19 outbreaks. It allows us to identify and quarantine infected patients, while also conducting contact tracing to limit the spread of infection. Protecting the integrity of the specimen during shipping and the people handling them is paramount for personal safety. This is where DriMop® Fluid Solidifiers can assist people who handle and transport infectious specimens.
Wiped Out on Clorox® or Lysol® Disinfectant Wipes?
Mon, Jul 6th 2020 08:00 am
As covid-19 shut down the country, disinfecting products such as Lysol® and Clorox® were picked clean by shoppers and businesses preparing for the possibility of being quarantined without their disinfectants. With the reopening of America, many states are reporting spikes in infection rates and many individuals most likely won't find these high-demand disinfectant products at the local store anytime soon. So why not try WipesPlus® EPA Registred Surface Disinfecting Wipes?

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