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PPE Heat Stress Relief
Tue, Jun 22nd 2021 08:00 am
The next time you grab your cleats, shovel, paddle or helmet, be sure to stay hydrated and refreshed with Cooling PPE and Drinkable PPE®! MDS has innovative solutions that keep professionals, elite athletes cool and hydrated!
Cut-Less Hand Protection against Electric Arc Risk
Sat, Jun 19th 2021 08:00 am
If you're seeking specialized hand protection for professionals at risk to injury from arc flash, then you need to check out these innovative Cut-Less brand of leather drivers gloves from the "Safety Geeks" at Majestic® Glove.
Impacto Gloves Will Leave a Big Impact When Gardening
Thu, Jun 17th 2021 08:00 am
If you are a passionate gardener, you most likely own serious tools that make the job easier and safer. No serious gardener would be complete without a good pair of work gloves, a shovel, a wheel barrel and perhaps a cultivator.
Wipe Remotes Clean with Sono Disinfectant Wipes
Sat, Jun 12th 2021 08:00 am
While there are plenty of other hotbeds of germs that can be found though out the home and business, probably none are as innocent-looking as the average remote control.
Work Gloves 101
Wed, Jun 9th 2021 08:00 am
As hand protection specialists, MDS distributes an amazing line up of competitively priced industrial work safety gloves. From mechanics to ANSI/ISEA 138 Level 3 impact resistant gloves, from ANSI Cut Level A9 palm coated seamless knits to leather drivers, arc-rated to heat and chemical resistant work gloves - we have the deepest and most innovative selection of multi-dimensional industrial hand protection on the internet.
Protect Personal Safety with Drinkable PPE
Tue, Jun 8th 2021 11:00 am
PPE has traditionally been focused on external protection, and understandably so. Helmets protect the head, gloves protect the hands and special footwear protect the feet. But why not apply the same logic to protecting the inside of your body? After all, hydration is vital to keeping your body working and healthy! Made in America, SWORD® Performance Products Has You Covered. Its Drinkable PPE® !
Grind Away with Flame Resistant Clutch Gear Gloves
Sat, Jun 5th 2021 08:00 am
Wearing hand protection can help prevent burns and keep delicate skin protected. It can also make the difference between completing the job or buying another pair of work gloves. Designed for arc safety, spark and flame resistance, not thermal contact, these anti-impact puncture-resistant Clutch Gear® brand of gloves will not burn, melt or drip making them ideal for grinding and more
Masks Can Help Seasonal Allergies
Thu, Jun 3rd 2021 08:00 am
Guess what's here? Yep, pollen season and heading into the second pandemic spring, many individuals may be ready to give up wearing their masks. But for the 19+ million U.S. adults suffering from seasonal allergies, there's another reason to keep wearing one!
Cut Resistant Gloves 101
Mon, May 31st 2021 08:00 am
Cut injuries make up a large portion of reported injuries in industrial workplaces, yet 70% can be prevented. If you're a safety director, foreman or production supervisor searching for industrial work safety gloves to prevent hand lacerations from razors, glass, metal, plastic molding, knives andmore, we would like you to know MDS has an amazing portfolio of high performing ASTM ANSI/ISEA safety rated cut-resistant hand protection available for purchase
Keep Your Cargo Dry with Cargo Dry Plus Moisture Absorber Strips
Thu, May 27th 2021 08:00 am
"Container sweat," the formation of condensation on the surface of cargo containers. This phenomenon very commonly occurs before and after sea transportation when a container is exposed to daily temperature cycles from traveling over land or waiting on the dock. Container sweat also occurs as shipments move from tropical regions to cold or temperate areas.
Keep The Feet Dry with Boss Industrial Footwear
Sat, May 22nd 2021 08:00 am
Part of the PIP® family of safety products, Boss® Footwear is made in the USA and designed with advanced materials that offer workers maximum all-day comfort and protection against work safety hazards in the work field across a multiple of industries. And they're designed to last for years!
Prevent Hand Puncture Injuries with Alycore™
Thu, May 20th 2021 03:30 pm
Elevate compliance with industrial work safety gloves designed to reduce fine and blunt puncture hazards including hypodermic needle sticks. Available in mechanics or palm coated seamless knit styles, puncture-resistant work gloves with Alycore™ are just the answer for workers exposed to syringes/needles, thorny plants, staples, tacks, splinters, nails, steel cable/wire, barbed wire, wood/lumber, metal shards and glass hazards
Extra Impact Protection Requires Impacto® Trigger Gloves
Fri, May 14th 2021 08:00 am
Impacto® has been manufacturing cutting-edge personal protection equipment that focuses on reducing impact, vibration and repetitive motion in any work environment and their Trigger Gloves are designed to help off-set industrial work stresses that lead to long-term discomfort and injury.
Yellow Spunbond Polypropylene Isolation Gowns
Tue, May 11th 2021 08:00 am
Practice good infection control! Personal safety starts and ends with quality protective gear and yellow spunbond polypropylene isolation gowns are a first line defense against the spread of diseases. Selecting a quality made disposable gown can be the difference between being healthy or sick. If you are searching for an economical solution to protect the personal safety of your staff against exposure, transmission or the cross-contamination of unwanted contaminates, then check out these single-use barrier gowns!
Now Distributing Majestic® Safety Supplies
Thu, May 6th 2021 08:00 am
MDS Associates is proud to announce it's now distributing a new line of specialized work gloves and personal safety supplies. Complimenting a full line of industrial work safety products, MDS is excited to offer its customers with cutting edge professional industrial PPE products from Majestic glove designed to minimize the risk of injuries when on the job.
Mylar Isn't Just For Balloons
Mon, May 3rd 2021 08:00 am
Who would have known back in 1964 Marshall Space Flight engineers would create a thin sheet of coated metallic plastic film that would forever transform NASA, Emergency Medical Services and U.S. Custom and Border Protection. Originally designed for use on the exterior surfaces of spacecraft and spacesuits, this innovative film has provided emergency personnel and outdoor enthusiasts the ability to provide critical thermal control during distress.
NitroMax Black Nitrile Exam Gloves
Thu, Apr 29th 2021 08:00 am
NitroMax Black non-sterile 5-mil nitrile exam gloves are specially designed for healthcare professionals who require FDA approved hand protection during patient exams, treatments and when exposed to bodily fluids making these perfect for spas, tattoo, law enforcement and more. Emerald disposable latex-free textured nitrile examination gloves meet or exceed all current FDA 510(k) standards as Class 1 Medical Device and are approved for direct food contact.
Disinfect, Deodorize & Sanitize Automobile Interiors
Fri, Apr 23rd 2021 08:00 am
How many times has that steering wheel been touched or sneezed on, the seat belts released, the audio changed? While you may have taken the proper steps to insure that your hands are clean, have you disinfected those commonly touched automotive surfaces? Now you take the next step in infection control and prevention and safely disinfect hot spot automotive surfaces with SONO® Healthcare Surface Disinfectants.
There's No Special K in these N95s
Mon, Apr 19th 2021 08:00 am
Legitimate suppliers are struggling. The FDA has banned hundreds of companies from fraudulently selling inferior and counterfeit masks claiming to be approved N95's and many Chinese imported KN95 type masks.
Select TurboToe® Toe Cap Overshoes When Toes Matter
Sat, Apr 17th 2021 08:00 am
There's so many ways to hurt the feet - falling objects, stubbing a pallet, loose nails, rotary mowers, feet trapped between objects are just a few. With the proper protective footwear, many of these injuries could have been prevented. Impacto® TurboToe® Toe Cap Overshoes are a great first step to reducing workplace foot injuries and the costs associated with them
Chemstop™ Gloves Can Help Stop Food Processing Injuries
Wed, Apr 14th 2021 08:00 am
In order to manually process fish and seafood items efficiently and safely, specialized hand protection becomes vital to personal safety, comfort and productivity. These award winning S230TAXVB Chemstop™ Anti-Impact PVC-Coated Gloves are fast becoming popular among processing plants!
Personal Hygiene Products for Safe and Sanitary Detention Facilities
Thu, Apr 8th 2021 08:00 am
During this time, detainees are housed or held in crowded prison-like immigration facilities across the country with limited access to spare clothes and no laundry facilities. Adult and children aged detainees held for days, weeks, or even months need food, water and access to basic necessities such as soap, deodorant to upkeep personal hygiene and toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss to maintain oral health.
Swipe Away Germs with Sono® Disinfectant Wipes
Tue, Mar 30th 2021 08:00 am
Simply put, cell phones are a breeding ground for germs to thrive. Given our heavy reliance on these devices and the fact many of us never venture out in the public without our phones, it isn't surprising to know that they're among the dirtiest things in the world. Swipe away germs and reduce cross-contamination with SONO® Disinfectant Wipes! SONO® Healthcare was the first company to develop an automated compatibility process for medical devices in the healthcare industry such as CPAP machines, ultrasounds, nebulizers, EKG's and performs compatibility tests on a variety of electronic devices (phones, tablets, laptops, keyboards) and other common surfaces to be sure their disinfectant wipes don't damage them!
DriMop® Fluid Soliders is Helping the MLB Fight Covid!
Sat, Mar 27th 2021 08:00 am
One of the key components to the successful restart and ongoing seasons in the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS, NCAA and other leagues during the COVID-19 pandemic is testing protocols. By conducting multiple tests weekly, and even daily, professional and collegiate sports leagues have developed a model which has successfully identified infected athletes, coaches and staff for quarantine, allowing the competition to go on. DOT CFR49 and UN3373 compliant, DriMop® Solidifier Packets and Sheets are specifically designed to control fluid spills and are ideal for protecting the covid-19 specimen test and the chain-of-custody.
Aurelia® Sonic 100® Nitrile Exam Gloves
Thu, Mar 25th 2021 02:30 pm
Don't let the lightweight construction fool you! Designed for healthcare providers, Sonic® 100 combines all the best benefits of a nitrile exam glove in a proprietary formulation that takes strength, comfort and performance to new levels! Advanced manufacturing processes make the Sonic 100 revolutionary. These latex-free powder-free medical-grade gloves are approved hand protection for chemotherapy drugs and direct food contact and they are available for purchase
Impacto® Lumbar Support Cushion
Fri, Mar 19th 2021 08:00 am
Eighty percent of adults will experience significant low back pain sometime during their lifetime. Back pain is the third most common cause of doctor visits in the United States. Low back pain usually involves muscle spasm of the supportive muscles along the spine. Fitting your chair with lumbar support by Impacto can reduce the strain on back, neck, shoulder and arm muscles just to name a few.
The Aqua Armor® Difference
Tue, Mar 16th 2021 08:00 am
Aqua Armor® is a treatment that provides industrial leather work gloves with exceptional water and oil repellent properties so the hands stay dry. The 999KP drivers gloves from PIP® West Chester® features top grain cowhide leather, ergonomic styling, a 100 gram white thermal lining and Aqua Armor® finish that will keep the hands dry and warm during cold weather.
Waterproof, Windproof ANSI Rated TenActiv™ Winter Gloves
Fri, Mar 12th 2021 08:00 am
Individuals who live, play or work in frigid environments require specialized winter hand protection that keeps the hands both warm and dry. If you're seeking a serious winter work glove for harsh, wet conditions, then check out these newly released gloves from the hot selling TenActiv™ series!
Disinfectant Products Trusted by Hospitals
Sat, Mar 6th 2021 08:00 am
SONO® Disinfecting Surface Wipes are a broad-spectrum, one-step, fast-acting, medical-grade disinfecting wipe with a two year shelf life and 1 year expiration (once opened). These textured wet wipes are ammonium compound based with a low VOC formulation that is ammonia, bleach and phosphate free.
Why Disposable Gloves are Essential
Wed, Mar 3rd 2021 08:00 am
Are you in the market for high-performing and reliable disposable gloves with the newest innovations? We have a wide range of industrial, medical and food approved styles and brands including biodegredable styles for you to select from.
Impacto® Knee Protection
Wed, Feb 24th 2021 12:00 pm
Knee injuries account for roughly 150,000 or 13% of workplace injuries. Employees who have suffered a workplace knee injury can be eligible for workers' compensation benefits. That's why Impacto® has designed innovative knee protection for almost EVERY industry.
Innovative, Multi-Purpose Work Gloves from Superior Glove®
Mon, Feb 22nd 2021 08:00 am
Maximize productivity and most importantly, keep your employees safe and comfortable. The engineers over at Superior Glove® take industrial hand protection seriously. Superior Glove® provides innovative, one-of-a-kind hand protection solutions that streamline inventory, increase compliance and reduce costs.
MetGuardPro™ to Prevent Metatarsal Fracture Injuries
Fri, Feb 19th 2021 08:00 am
A metatarsal fracture occurs when one of these long bones is broken. This might be due to sudden injury: typically an object dropped on the foot. The tarsal bones break easily and such an injury can take months or years to heal. In acute fractures you may hear a sound at the time of the break, and experience pain, swelling, and difficulty putting weight on the foot.
Endura® 4PRO™ Insulated Driver Gloves
Tue, Feb 16th 2021 08:00 am
With smart styling and design, these innovative Endura® brand 378KMT 4PRO™ Insulated Driver Gloves capture many hand safety protocols and are the perfect all-in-one work glove for fire and rescue personnel. Endura® 4PRO goat-grain leather driver gloves are supple and feature a waterproof breathable membrane that keeps water out, the heat in and allows the hands to breath
A Glove Solution for Nitrile Glove Shortages
Sat, Feb 13th 2021 08:00 am
Despite record high prices and PPE glove shortages, MDS is proud to announce we can help you capture good value latex-free exam gloves from a leading glove supplier and priced to save your facility on glove expenditures. Designed for professional glove users and constructed for these difficult times, this latex-free glove blends both nitrile and vinyl together that results in affordable and consistent disposable hand protection. In fact, this glove mimics nitrile so much that even the most experienced wearer may have difficulties telling which glove is 100% nitrile!
FluidShield® N95 Particulate Filter Respirator Surgical Masks
Thu, Feb 11th 2021 08:00 am
Halyard®, formerly Kimberly-Clark® Health Care and part of Owens & Minor®, is a brand many professionals trust to protect their respiratory health and safety. These Halyard® FluidShield® Level 3 N95 Particulate Surgical Respirators are constructed with 5 layers with the inner layer featuring So-Soft® - a silky soft and refreshing hypoallergenic fabric ideal for delicate skin and extended wear. As an authorized Halyard Distributor, MDS Associates has the capacity to build your stockpile and looking to bid on your business!
Do You Prefer to Mask Sandwich?
Mon, Feb 8th 2021 08:00 am
A second wave is looming and the newest strain is proving to be more contagious. Data has shown that two face masks are better than one prompting leaders to announce that double masking is a sensible and easy way to lower your risk to infection. Because masks are critical to the prevention of respiratory disease, people need to think more about the masks we wear as performance is more important to personal safety than ever before. Not all masks are created equal - make sure you get the best of the best! Wear one mask or double the protection with two. Mix or match styles-it's your call but make sure you are up to healthcare standards with disposable medical masks and N95 respirators you can depend on!
Prevent Glove Tearing with Sterling® Brand Nitrile Gloves
Wed, Feb 3rd 2021 08:00 am
Single-use nitrile exam-grade gloves shouldn't rip when manipulated onto the hands, nor should they shred easily when brushed against abrasive surfaces. It defeats the purpose of the glove and is useless. Ripped gloves translate to money wasted and for professionals working in high risk environments, a glove that tears puts lives at risk to infection. Sure other gloves maybe cheaper, but how many are thrown out?
Counterfeit KN95 Masks
Tue, Feb 2nd 2021 08:00 am
When the pandemic hit our shores, inventories across the U.S. were quickly depleted creating shortages of PPE such as isolation gowns, disposable exam gloves, facemasks and face shields. Without these safety items, it left front line personnel, essential workers and dental professionals vulnerable to infections that could lead serious life threatening illness. While the supply chain has opened up slightly, critical personal protective supplies such as disposable N95 respirator face masks are still difficult to procure.
SlkGrip Anti-Slip Footwear
Mon, Jan 25th 2021 10:00 am
It only takes a second of not paying attention to slip on a wet floor, fall down a flight of stairs, or trip over protruding objects. Slipping on a hard surface is never a pleasant experience and more often than not, it results in a personal injury. One wrong step and it could result in a muscle strain, a strained or torn ligament, broken bones, a spinal compression, a concussion or worse.

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