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Wiped Out on Clorox® or Lysol® Disinfectant Wipes?
Mon, Jul 6th 2020 08:00 am
As covid-19 shut down the country, disinfecting products such as Lysol® and Clorox® were picked clean by shoppers and businesses preparing for the possibility of being quarantined without their disinfectants. With the reopening of America, many states are reporting spikes in infection rates and many individuals most likely won't find these high-demand disinfectant products at the local store anytime soon. So why not try WipesPlus® EPA Registred Surface Disinfecting Wipes?
A Simple Guide to Gown Guidelines
Tue, Jun 30th 2020 08:00 am
PPE, when used properly, can also represent the first line of infection prevention against the spread of infection or illness if the wearer comes in contact with potentially infectious liquid and solid material. Single-use Isolation Gowns are one part of an overall infection-control strategy that includes protective gloves, face masks, face shields and disinfectants. With so many styles available, how does one select the proper garment for the task?
The Face Shield Advantage
Fri, Jun 26th 2020 08:00 am
A face shield is personal protective equipment (PPE) that's used to protect the user's eyes, nose and mouth from bodily fluids, liquid splashes, particulates or potentially infectious materials. Not all face shields are created equal! With so many options, shoppers can have difficulty selecting the best value for their dollar. Hand selected by MDS, our featured face shields are competitively priced, comfortable and quality constructed in North America!
Keeping Farming Tablets Sanitary
Sun, Jun 21st 2020 08:00 am
Personal tablets are versatile, flexible, portable and powerful electronic devices that are popularly used in homes, businesses and farms all over the country. They are used to shop, play games, watch movies, order foods and to record or exchange data. The spread of germs is an ever growing concern in the farming community and proper Infection Control includes minimizing cross-contamination or preventing the spread of infection. For a few pennies, growers can now cover and protect their valuable mobile device with our convenient, easy-to-use disposable, touch sensitive transparent tablet covers available in a variety of styles.
Hand Protection Solutions for Surface Disinfecting
Tue, Jun 16th 2020 08:00 am
The cost and scarcity of single-use gloves are forcing people to consider other hand protection options when applying surface disinfectants. MDS has chemical-resistant gloves that can keep you covered. Washable for re-use, these chemical protection gloves will help you conserve and save on those single-use gloves when used for sanitizing. And they won't deteriorate during use!
Keeping Libraries Sanitary in a Post-Pandemic World
Tue, Jun 9th 2020 08:00 am
Computer keyboards are commonly available for public use. If these devices are not sanitized between uses, they can become a hot zone for the cross-contamination of bacteria, germs or viruses. Placing a disposable poly barrier cover on a keyboard, mouse or tablet and replacing it each shift could be a key component to infection control. These new universal computer barrier covers are quick, easy to use and prolong the keyboard's quality.
TranSorb® Desiccants Keep Transient Cargo Dry
Wed, Jun 3rd 2020 08:00 am
Use Transorb® Desiccants within freight or shipping containers and secondary packaging for the transportation and storing of clothing, spices, flour, coca, coffee, nuts, rice, grains, sugar, canned goods, fire arms, metal parts/cans, clothing, lumber, equipment, tools, steel pails and much more! Not to be confused with Silica Gel or Calcium Chloride type desiccants that potentially leach a water-based syrup, Transorb® Tyvek® Packs will always remain dry.
Breathable Hand Safety for Outdoor Summer Tasks
Tue, May 26th 2020 08:00 am
Finally, the long awaited news many of us have been been waiting for has finally arrived - Phase 1 re-opening! For those in Phase 1, this means construction, manufacturing, retail pickup, agriculture, forestry and fishing businesses can resume and work gloves that need to be ordered!
Be Seen. Stay Safe. Hi-Viz Work T-Shirts
Thu, May 21st 2020 08:00 am
Soon "the pause" will be lifted and it will that time of year where the jack hammers, street rollers, pylon cones and highway workers line the roadways. When construction season officially starts, workers will be required to wear their hard hats, work gloves and bright colored work clothing.
New Keyboard Barrier Sleeves Can Help the Spread of Disease
Sun, May 17th 2020 10:00 am
Contaminants can ruin a computer keyboard in seconds, plus they are a breeding ground for infectious germs and bacteria. If you manage a business that relies on computer keyboards then you need to consider these protective barrier sleeve covers. These premium barrier sleeves are crystal clear, smooth, easy to use and allow individuals to fully operate and view keyboards while preventing unwanted contaminates from breeding.
Single-Use Surface Barriers for Furniture & Mattress Retailers
Mon, May 11th 2020 08:00 am
An off-shore virus swarmed virtually every state forcing establishments throughout the country to close or "pause". Restaurants, offices, showrooms and retail stores will eventually reopen but will there be changes in the way business is conducted in the new germophobic world?
Dexterity® Arc Flash Neoprene Coated Knit Gloves
Fri, May 1st 2020 11:00 am
If you work in the petrochemical, oil/gas or utility industries and are seeking a flexible, highly dexterous arc flash-rated work glove, then you need to check out these innovative neoprene coated Dexterity® knit gloves. Advertised as the world's thinnest arc flash-rated glove, these S18KGNE Dexterity® Work Safety Gloves comfortably combine flame-resistance and cut protection into one glove.
When Single Use Gloves Are As Scarce As Surface Disinfectants
Wed, Apr 22nd 2020 08:00 am
Ok. So you scored some gloves and a few canisters of surface disinfectant, but what will you do when they're consumed? Check these out: These chemical-resistant butyl gloves are washable for re-use and will help you conserve and save on those single-use gloves. They're perfect for disinfecting and deep cleaning projects
Earth Day 2020 | Earth's Day 50th Anniversary
Mon, Apr 20th 2020 12:00 am
Fifty years ago 20 million people took to the streets for the sake of the environment. It was the world's first Earth Day. This year, for the Earth Day 50th anniversary, millions will rise again... and this time change is inevitable. Together we can make a difference!
Cell Phones Can Carry Viruses
Sat, Apr 18th 2020 08:00 am
Why do you cover your face but not your cell phone? Do you realize that your cell phones are being exposed to pathogens and it can breed there for nine days? Before you pick up that smart device to check for news updates, you need to beware. You could be the next stat! If there's one thing vid loves, it's an exposed swiper!
Searching for Sanitizing Wipes? Check Out WipesPlus®
Tue, Apr 14th 2020 08:00 am
We'd like to introduce Progressive Products. Headquartered in Rye Brook New York, Progressive Products is the world leader in wet wipes manufacturing, producing the most complete line of wet wipes for any surface in commercial, household, healthcare and retail settings. WipesPlus® is the trademarked brand name of an extensive line of FDA and EPA registered and approved wet wipes and we are proud to offer these to you.
Beware: Power Saws Cut More Than Wood
Thu, Apr 9th 2020 08:00 am
Each year, more than 67,000 workers and do-it-yourselfers are injured by table saws, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) resulting in more than 33,000 emergency room visits and 4,000 amputations. Medical costs for the treatment of saw injuries are estimated at more than $2 billion every year with the average hand injury claim is now $6,000, with individual workers' compensation claims reaching nearly $7,500. Reach for these Level A9 Extreme Cut Safety Gloves to lower hand cut injuries.
Step-On & Stamp-Out Contaminates | Adhesive Floor Mats Reduce Contaminates
Sun, Mar 29th 2020 08:00 am
An article in the New York post claims coronavirus can survive on shoes for up to 5 days, experts warn. The coronavirus is known to make a home on many surfaces, including doorknobs, cardboard boxes, portable electronic devices and shopping carts. Now, to the surprise of probably no one, experts are calling our shoes a "breeding ground" for germs. Placing a tacky step-on floor mat in high traffic areas and main entrances will significantly decrease the amount of unwanted particulates and dirt that is tracked in from foot-traffic, wheeled machinery and/or work carts.
Infection Control Products to Prevent the Spread of Infectious Viruses
Fri, Mar 27th 2020 04:05 pm
While there is still much to learn about coronavirus, there is one thing scientists are learning. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), coronavirus likes surfaces and suggests that people may acquire the virus through the air and after touching contaminated objects and surfaces. Don't fret it, MDS has products that help prevent the cross-contamination of germs that cause disease.
Been Seen. Stay Safe. | Hi-Viz Safety Vests
Thu, Mar 19th 2020 08:00 am
The need to be seen is critical for worker safety. This is especially true for workers who work on or near moving vehicles or equipment and in low light conditions. Workers can draw attention to themselves by wearing ANSI compliant high-visibility garments in an effort to help prevent fatalities and injuries from "struck-by" hazards.
Suck on These Instead
Tue, Mar 10th 2020 08:00 am
Wheat straw is the stalk matter left over after wheat grains are harvested. Traditionally, the stalks have been treated as waste however many facilities are reclaiming this material and converting it to an exciting new, all-natural product with massive environmental benefits! Would you believe me if I said that wheat could potentially eradiate plastic stirrers (stir sticks), cocktail sticks, highball sticks and perhaps even plastic drinking straws all over the world? Well it's true!
Don't Reuse Single-Use Dental Supplies
Fri, Mar 6th 2020 08:00 am
There have been reports of infection control breaches in dentistry that claim single-use disposable items were being reused in dental offices. It was reported that dental offices were cleaning items in a high level disinfecting solution ("cold sterile") prior to reuse even though these items were labeled for one-time patient use. After further investigation, it seems that this is a relatively common practice in dentistry. So, you may be asking what's the big deal?
Touchscreen Compatible Hand Protection from Superior Glove®
Tue, Mar 3rd 2020 08:00 am
Touchscreen compatible work gloves provide operators the ability to quickly look up information from touch enabled devices without having to remove their safety gloves, putting their bare hands at risk to injury. Superior Glove® offers several styles of touchscreen compatible ANSI safety rated industrial work gloves for demanding industries that incorporate on-the-job swipe compatible technologies.
The Dirty Side to Recycling Plastics
Thu, Feb 27th 2020 08:00 am
For many of us, environmentalism begins with the recycling symbol and ends at the blue recycling bin. The simple act of throwing something away into a large box marked with a recycling sign is enough to make some of us feel good, like we've done our part to help reduce landfill waste. Unfortunately, many people don't realize there's a dirty and dark side to recycling plastics.
Be Seen. Stay Safe. PIP® Hi-Vis Jackets & Coats
Tue, Feb 25th 2020 08:00 am
Occupational wearers of clothing with high-visibility features such as retro-reflective stripes include emergency responders, utility personnel, railway and highway workers, construction workers, towing services, airport workers, or many other places where workers are near moving vehicles or in dark areas or low light conditions. Buyer Beware: Not all hi-viz safety apparel is created equal.
Stop Snags with These Award Winning Chemstop™ PVC-Coated Gloves
Fri, Feb 21st 2020 08:00 am
Superior Glove® boasts a whole bunch of hand protection awards and it isn't by fluke. Now you can add their S230TAXVB ChemStop™ Impact-Resistant PVC-Coated Gloves to their portfolio! These 2019 ISHN Award Winning Chemstop™ PVC-Coated Gloves are loaded with safety and comfort features. If you are worried about glove snags-then you need these work gloves!
Stop Soggy Surprises with Adhesive Desiccant Labels
Wed, Feb 19th 2020 08:00 am
While you're confident that your product is protected from bumps and dings during transit, have you taken precautions to avoid the silent, invisible threat prowling in the air surrounding your products? There's a new desiccant technology that changing the game! These ultra-thin, low-profile self-adhesive DesiMax® brand patches adapt to any packaging and is your solution to low humidity related problems.
Flexible Products for Maximum Security Environments
Sat, Feb 15th 2020 08:00 am
Correctional officers or prison guards play a crucial role within the prison system. But working as a correctional officer brings with it dangerous job conditions that are related to this line of work. Research has shown that correctional officers experience high stress levels, serious injury or even death as a result of their jobs. OraBrite® Secure Care Correctional Security Products Provide the Perfect Balance of Safety and Quality!
Disinfect Surfaces Safely with Fast Acting SaniZide Pro1® Wipes
Thu, Feb 13th 2020 08:00 am
Commonly touched hard non-porous surfaces become hot beds for germs. A critical element in infection control or infection prevention is the prevention of cross contamination and disease transmission from equipment or other surfaces. Exceptionally fast and effective, SaniZide Pro 1® makes staying compliant easier by reducing the risk of cross-contamination with true, one-minute kill claims that are effective at killing 48 microorganisms that include MRSA, VRE, Tuberculosis, Influenza, Poliovirus, Wuhan Coronavirus, Norovirus and Rhinovirus.
When Body Spills Happen, Be Ready with PURELL™ Fluid Kits
Sat, Feb 8th 2020 08:00 am
Accidents happen and when they occur, you need to be prepared. For foodservice employees and food establishments, unplanned accidents and spills that involve bodily fluids like vomit, blood and feces requires that they safely respond to biohazard events to prevent potential outbreaks of foodbourne illness including Norovirus.
PLA Compostable Containers for Growers
Thu, Feb 6th 2020 08:00 am
If you are searching for the perfect container for cultivating plants or growing seedlings, we have easy, healthy and eco-friendly container solutions for you! These plant-based PLA containers will fully breakdown within 12 weeks and are versatile, leak-proof, sturdy and perfect for growing seeds, mushrooms, organics, cuttings and transplanting. They even decompose into healthy soil!
G-Tek® PolyKor® Winter Safety Gloves
Tue, Feb 4th 2020 08:00 am
If you're a masonry, window washer, fence installer, roofer, commercial fishermen, automotive detailer, work in refrigeration, process meat, fish or poultry and need an amazing grip glove with extra protection against cuts and fluids, then check out these new reasonably priced waterproof, cut-resistant industrial G-Tek® PolyKor® winter work safety gloves from PIP® (Protective Industrial Products).
Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrushes Eliminates Landfill Waste
Sat, Feb 1st 2020 08:00 am
Did you know that in 2019, over 4.7 BILLION toothbrushes were disposed of here in the United States? This equates to 200 million pounds of additional poly waste added to our landfills ever year. Here's the worst fact ... toothbrushes take 400+ years to decompose - yikes! We have a better, more sustainable solution! A new line of Eco-friendly, biodegradable professional dental toothbrushes are keeping teeth clean and Earth cleaner!
Keep Pathogens at Bay with Single-Use Surface Barriers
Tue, Jan 28th 2020 08:00 am
You may be asking yourself how can surfaces such touchscreens, remotes or computer keypads contribute to a potential health hazard? Well, daily routines contribute to this phenomenon as tablets, keyboards and mouse devices are widely used and very often shared by several different people. With each keystroke or click, germs compound, multiply and cross transfer to other surfaces. This is where disposable surfaces barriers help.
Glove Insulation 101
Thu, Jan 23rd 2020 08:30 am
If there is one key component that may help you in your search for warmth and comfort during the cold weather work months it's winter gloves. But winter gloves are really only as effective as its thermal linings. Here is a breakdown of the four most common thermal linings used in today's industrial winter work gloves. What's in yours?
21 CFR-What Does This Mean for PPE?
Mon, Jan 20th 2020 08:15 am
The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) controls all the regulations related to items that are added to food (i.e. direct additives) and items that may come in contact with food (i.e. indirect additives). Title 21 of the CFR is reserved for rules of the Food and Drug Administration. But what does this mean for PPE?
A PowerNap® Will Stop "Low Battery Anxiety"
Sat, Jan 18th 2020 08:15 am
For many of today's cell users, especially those who use their phones all day, staying charged can be difficult and even stressful. Access to a mobile phone isn't just about the instant communication, it's also about security, personal relationships and peace of mind. Powers Paper, a pioneer in the away-from-home towel and tissue market, was brilliant enough to create a charger for one of the most frequented gathering areas of consumers - the dining table.
Decide to Disinfect with Fast Acting Discide® Ultra Wipes
Thu, Jan 16th 2020 08:15 am
With the cold and flu season in full swing, commonly touched non-porous surfaces become hot beds for germs. Disinfecting these surfaces becomes important as it can lead to an infectious disease transmission in a health care or other facility. DisCide® Ultra is a one-step, ready-to-use hospital-level disinfectant that kills pathogens in one minute or less and it disrupts "the chain of infection"!
Easily Contain & Solidfy Infectious Fluids
Tue, Jan 14th 2020 08:00 am
In any health care related setting or facility, one of the top priorities must be contamination control. It is simply unacceptable to potentially expose patients, students, medical personnel and other facility staff members to potentially infectious body fluids.
Linemen Love These Endura® Lineman Gloves
Sat, Jan 11th 2020 08:15 am
Utility work is essential for keeping electricity running into our homes, schools and businesses but working with high voltage equipment is highly dangerous. Linemen risk falls, cuts, electric shocks, burns and other injuries while on the job every day, and these incidents can even be fatal. Linemen can reduce the risk of personal injury with the Endura® series of leather lineman gloves and mitts from Superior Glove®!

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