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MAP Policy Pricing

by mdsassociates
Mon, Jan 16th 2017 12:35 pm

MAP Policy Pricing...and What this Means to You, the Consumer.

More and more suppliers have been requiring wholesale distributors to incorporate a price structure referred to as MAP pricing. You may be wondering what MAP pricing is and how does it affect you?

Artificially Inflated Prices

MAP pricing, or Minimum Advertised Price, is a directive implemented by the manufacture that requires us as a distributor of their product to adhere to a set advertised price. As a consumer and business owner I don't believe in this structure because it reduces consumer buying options while protecting large corporations and commissioned salespeople.

I certainly don't agree that MAP pricing should be mandated for mass consumed commodities such safety items, single-use healthcare supplies, disposable gloves and the like. As a business owner, you would think I'd be all for this as it typically means larger than usual profit margins, but really, where is the competitive free-market spirit in MAP pricing.

It used to be that a consumer could simply go to the internet and shop for their brand/style. Recognizing this trend, Google launched their version of Google shopping which is a sponsored advertisement intended to make shopping easier and faster for you, the customer. Well folks, with MAP pricing, you don't have any more options.

Participating Suppliers

Please know we will continue to provide our customers with their favorite brands but we feel in order for you to make good shopping judgments, you should know which companies requires its distributors to adhere to MAP Policy Prices so you can make proper financial decisions on how your hard earned money is spent.

To date, we have received MAP Policy Pricing notices from:

Turtleskin® - line of Snakearmor hunting pants and dog vests

Defend® by Mydent - various single-use infection control products, disinfectants, sterilization products for dental and tattoo businesses

Ammex - line of disposable gloves and various single-use PPE supplies

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