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2/19/2020 There are 77,623 confirmed cases of Wuhan Coronavirus, 2360 reported deaths & 12,071 in critical condition

2/19/2020 There are 77,623 confirmed cases of Wuhan Coronavirus, 2360 reported deaths & 12,071 in critical condition

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24 Hour Protection Against the Flu

by mdsassociates
Thu, Jan 25th 2018 09:05 am

The 2018 flu season is shaping up to be bad—potentially the worst one since 2014-2015, which was “the most severe season in recent years,” as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says in its latest flu outbreak update and has yet to peak (February is usually when flu season is worst) and can continue through May.

There are simple things you can do to try to prevent the spread of germs and reduce your chances of becoming sick. Isolating toothbrushes, laundering bedding frequently, using disposables such as paper cups or towels and sanitizing commonly touched items like remote controllers are great ways of reducing transmission. But the single best tool to infection prevention is regular cleansing of the hands and we want you to know there is a revolutionary patented hospital-grade instant hand sanitizer that's a game changer.

One Dose Provides 24 Hour Patented Protection Against Germs

The perfect hand sanitizer is available...one that's capable of providing all-day continual barrier protection against the nastiest of pathogens with just a single daily dose. Apply one dose first thing in the morning and go about your day with complete confidence knowing Prefense™ is actively protecting you - perfect for students and athletes! Ordinary alcohol based hand sanitizers require a daily regimen that loses killing power as the day progresses. They can also dry the skin causing further irritation.

The patented, non-toxic alcohol-free formula soothes and moisturizes hands and offers proactive security. Prefense’s active ingredient binds to skin and dries into an invisible, un-dectable protective film that stands guard against pathogens encountered throughout the day. If a germ transfer occurs, Prefense™ actively slices the cell wall of pathogens for up to 24 hours or ten hand washings. It can also be used to sanitize surfaces for protection that lasts up to 28 days! Simply dip, spray or soak bath and kitchen faucet handles, light switches, remote controllers, key board keys, cell phones, door knobs, refrigerator handles and more!

Prefense™ easily out- performs the competition. Upgrade to the newest generation of hand and surface sanitizer to safeguard against today’s germs! You can shop here or read more by viewing PDF.

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