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Fight Condensation with Transorb®

by mdsassociates
Wed, Aug 15th 2018 08:00 am

Image result for do not eat packetsAll of us have seen those small "DO NOT EAT" silica gel packets in shoe boxes and bags of beef jerkey. They are called desiccants and are designed to regulate moisture and sustain dryness as goods pass along the supply chain. Desiccants are commonly encountered in the pharmaceutical, electronics, food and manufacturing industries as a way to prolong, preserve and protect items against condensation damage during shipping and while in storage.

Condensation occurs when a sealed item or area are subjected to fluctuations in extreme temperatures. Generally invisible to the human eye, condensation if left untreated, can be very destructive to items such as electronics, spices, cocca, clothing, metals, chemicals, sugar, coffee, metals, flour, grains and more. When present, condensation resulting from humidity can:

  • Short circuits in electronics
  • Promote the growth of mold or mildew
  • Create corrosion and rust on metals
  • Spoil food items
  • Leads to peeling and warping
  • Deteriorates packaging
  • Clumps or cakes powders
  • Degrades chemicals

Not all desiccants are created equal. Some are weak and many leak but TranSorb® Moisture Control Packs will protect your delicate products by absorbing condensation inside shipping containers, freight carriers or in secondary packaging for up to 90 days.  TranSorb® contains patented non-silica-gel materials that capture and hold almost 1-1/2 lbs. of airborne moisture and unlike silica gel products, TranSorb remains dry when cycle is complete so it won't drip or leak when capacity is reached!  And they're made in the USA...are yours?

+read more about Transorb Desiccants here

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