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Control Pests, Preserve Art with FreshPax® Oxygen Absorbing Packets

by mdsassociates
Sat, Apr 27th 2019 08:00 am

FreshPax® Oxygen Absorbing Packets

The greatest threat facing aging documents and artifacts, artworks and other objects of artistic, cultural, historical or scientific significance for future generations are the negative forces we can’t see such as excess moisture, relative humidity, pathogens and/or organisms.

Insects such as  booklice, termites, cockroaches, wood-boring beetles and various moths can destroy dried plant material, furs, dried insect collections, historic documents, books and  textiles as well as the artwork housings.  To combat insects, many museums have implemented a pest management program.
Use FreshPax® Oxygen Absorbing Packets as Part of Your Integrated Pest Management  (IPM).
FreshPax® Oxygen Absorbers are small but powerful packets that contain iron powder (which never leaches) and are used to remove oxygen from within a sealed environment, thus creating a nitrogen environment where organisms cannot grow.  The oxygen deprivation process causes a disruption within insect’s bodies resulting in death. It’s that simple!

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