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Reusable Face Masks with filtration efficiency > 95%

by mdsassociates
Wed, Aug 26th 2020 08:00 am

ValuBran Reusable Protective Face Mask Covers

When more effective masks are not available, cloth face covers or reusable type face masks are recommended by public health agencies for respiratory disease control in epidemic situations.

They are worn to protect the wearer from cross-contaminating virus laden droplets transmitted by breath, coughs and sneezes. However, many reusable face masks do not provide filtration for the respiratory tract nor will they prevent the strike-through of any droplets putting wearers at risk to an inhaled infection.

Designed to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, these NEW rugged antibacterial 3-layer masks are constructed with lasting woven fabric and a filtering core. This filtering core is made of ePTFE nanometer membrane whose filtration efficiency is greater than 95%!

These reusable protective masks repel droplets and other fluids, and will remain antibacterial even after 20 washings. Another nice feature is the contoured styling. Designed to fit virtually any size face, these masks are ergonomically designed to snug the contours of the nose, chin and cheek areas creating a good seal and comfortable fit. 

Check Out These Features:

  • Water-repellent, Antibacterial Quick-dry fabric
  • ePTFE Naniporous Membrane - 95% filtration efficiency
  • Uses Nano Silver Ion to prevent growth of microorganisms on textile (first barrier against bacteria and viruses)
  • ePTFE Nanometer Membrane has excellent chemical resistance and aging performance
  • Excellent breathability
  • Bacterial killing rate is over 99.5% even after 20 washings
  • Water repellent performance lasts more than 50 washes
  • Soft ear-loops

ValuBran face mask covers are available in black, white, misty green, light blue and a 6-pack assorted pack that includes the above colors plus gray and tan. Ideal for athletics, schools, construction, transportation, food service/processing, manufacturing, landscaping and more!

+read more about ValuBran Reusable Protective Face Masks here

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