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FluidShield Level 3 Masks Provide High Level Respiratory Protection

by mdsassociates
Tue, Nov 10th 2020 08:00 am

#47107 Halyard Fluidshield® Level 3 Fog-Free Procedure Masks

To prevent the spread of infection it's critical to reduce the cross-contamination of germs. It is known that masks not only protect personal safety, they help prevent contamination of the surrounding area.

They're effective as a “source control" because they can prevent larger expelled droplets generated from coughs, sneezes, speech, heavy exhalation from evaporating into smaller droplets that can travel farther.

Halyard*, formerly Kimberly-Clark Health Care, is a brand you can trust. With added performance and comfort features, Halyard* masks are highly sought by workers to protect personal respiratory safety in hi-risk medical and dental settings every day.

If you are unable to wear a respirator for health reasons or searching for one of the most reliable procedure face mask available, MDS is proud to introduce this Halyard* 47107 FluidShield Level 3 Fog-Free Sensitive Skin Procedure Mask!

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