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Effectively Seal the Area Between the Glove Cuff and the Garment Cuff: EXPOSURE

An Operator with Cuff BreachHigh risk work environments require many different levels and layers of PPE protection to prevent an operator from exposure to particulate migration, chemical infiltration and/or infectious agents. Typically a disposable gown or protective sleeve is worn along with a protective glove but unfortunately, when these items are collectively donned, one critical area at risk to exposure is the wrist area. 

Because gloves and garments involves separate industries, little attention has been given to the critical boundary between the two separate cuffs (the garment sleeve and the glove cuff).This leaves operators susceptible to glove-to-skin transmission or cross-contamination.

The garment-glove cuff areas are the weakest point in the present barrier system of protection. This zone is susceptible to bare-skin exposure which can lead to glove-to-skin transmission or cross-contamination.

Because the wrist area is extremely vulnerable, many operators in the health care industry often expend much time and energy to lower the risk of potential exposure. To create an effective barrier layer, operators will tuck the apparel sleeve cuffs underneath the glove cuffs and hope they stay in place, but without an anchor they generally come apart. Simple movements like reaching or lifting an item often causes the garment's sleeves to slowly creep up or rise along the forearm and consequently exposes bare skin.

Damned If You Do....and Damned If You Don't!

Tucking or adjusting the cuffs with dirty gloves can put one at great risk to infection and cross-contamination An exposed bare wrist can subject the operator or the product to contamination, and can cause mental anguish during what could be a critical procedure.  Tucking or adjusting the cuffs with dirty gloves can have severe negative consequences but ignoring it also puts one at great risk to infection and cross-contamination as well.

Single-use protective garments that feature cuff-technology™ recognize the relationship between protective gloves and the barrier garment - it maximizes their protective barrier functions collectively and prevents sleeve rise that results in exposure. And this elevates compliance!

Stop Tucking with Those Cuffs!

Layer protective gloves and gowns faster, easier and more effectively. A simple but effective design utilizes the fingers to anchor the garmet cuff underneath the glove to provide operators who wear limited-use protective apparel with continuous barrier protection for the skin, thus eliminating sleeve slide, or exposure.  Our disposable Isolation Gowns and Sleeve Protectors with optional Thumbholes resemble your typical knit cuff brand, but theirs can't do what ours can!

Soft, absorbent and easy to use, try our Spunbound Polypropylene Isolation Gowns, PE Coated Barrier Gowns, PE Coated Sleeve Protectors, Spunlace Sleeve Protectors, SMS Sleeve Protectors with innovative knitted thumb saddles and experience the wear today! Contact MDS for samples, to place an order or with your special requests today.

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