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There Was a New Four Letter Word That Changed Everything

During the 1980’s, there was a new and highly feared virus known as AIDS. AIDS stands for Acquired Ima close-up of bloodmune Deficiency Syndrome and is caused by a virus called the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). HIV alters the body’s immune systems by seriously damaging CD4 cells or “T-helper” cells which basically lowered the ability for the body to fight off opportunistic infections.

The transmission of AIDS can happen via the transmission of bodily fluids that include: blood, semen, pre-seminal fluids, rectal fluids, vaginal fluids, and breast milk. HIV is primarily spread through sex or sharing injection drug equipment with someone that has HIV and it is scary stuff!

During this time, preventing the spread of AIDS became critical to workplace, educational and personal safety and containing accidental body fluid spills from cross-contamination was crucial. This is where Safetec® entered the picture with Red Z® Spill Control Solidifier and years later, the launch of Green Z® Spill Control Solidifier.

Eliminate Splashing & Aerosolizing

Fast-acting and easy-to-use, Red Z®  and Green Z® contain fast acting, granules called super absorbent polymers (‘SAP”) that eliminates splashing by solidifying and converting body fluid spills into a semi solid (gel) mass.

  • +Red Z®  has the added benefit of chlorine to deodorize pungent odors such as vomit, urine and fecal matter. Helps meet OSHA Compliance 1910.1030 – Bloodborne Pathogens Standard
  • +Green Z® is chlorine-free and safe for use on chemotherapy, glutaraldehyde and mercury spills

Today these fluid solidifiers help improve operating room turnover and healthcare worker safety when handling or transporting liquid medical waste. Red Z® and Green Z® spill control solidifier are available in a variety of sizes and packaging options and help comply with OSHA and DOT regulations.

Below are some packaging options available for you:

  • Shaker top bottles : easy-to- use and store
  • Single-use bottles : popular for use in suction canisters, urology bags and kick buckets
  • Pour-in pouches : feature an easy-pour angled-cut pour design Red Z®  and Green Z® contain fast acting, graules called super absorbent polymers ('SAPideal for narrow openings of suction canisters
  • Drop-in Pacs : slender designed pouches are made of water-soluble paper that self-dissolves or melts upon contact with fluids. Drop these in large sharps containers, kick buckets, suction buckets and red bag waste.
  • Zafety Pacs : small solidifier pouches are made of water-soluble paper that self bursts upon contact with fluids. They help reduce handling, shipping and compliance risks of diagnostic specimens, infectious substances and dangerous goods. Ideal for safe compliant packaging and specimen transportation. Simply add to shipping container/vessel.
  • Buckets : provides cost-effective cleanup and ideal for high volume applications or large facilities

Accidental spills can happen anywhere, anytime and both Green Z® and Red Z® answer the call - use anywhere where there are people, blood and where body fluid spills may occur.

These unique solidifiers are used today in healthcare facilities, schools, vet offices, specimen testing, research centers, EMS, dentists/orthodontists, mortuaries, autopsy centers, testing laboratories, blood banks, collection services, airlines, buses, restaurants, nursing homes, tattoo parlors, correctional facilities, police/fire departments and more.

Minimize exposure risks and the risks from improper spill cleanup. Red Z® and Green Z® solidifying agents eliminate the guesswork and  do the hard work for you! These innovative solidifiers are also +available in spill kits.

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