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Food Safety Made Simple

When It Comes To Food Safety Compliance, Reach For These Sani Professional® Sani-Wipes

Owning and operating a restaurant requires long hours and much hard work. As a restaurateur, you are responsible for managing staff, answering phones, taking care of customers, ordering and tracking inventory, paying bills and so much more. Food establishments are built on a reputation for good quality food, good customer service and dining cleanliness.

If there is one thing that can bring the business you worked so hard to build to a screaching halt it's foodborne pathogens!  

Poor kitchen sanitation and cross contamination rank in the top 5 most commonly cited foodservice health code violations. With more than 50% of foodborne disease outbreaks originating in restaurants¹, sanitizing food contacted surfaces properly is vital to overall food safety.

Improper sanitizing of food contact surfaces can lead to foodborne illness outbreaks and Food Code violations, which:

  • Ruin brands’ reputation
  • Cause lost revenue, lawsuits, legal fees, insurance premium increases, inspection costs, and staff retraining
  • Compromise annual profits
  • May cause a foodservice establishment to shut down

The estimated cost of a single foodborne illness outbreak² for fast food is $1.9 million, fast casual dining is $2.1 million, casual dining $2.2 million and for fine dining $2.6 million.

Proper cleaning and sanitizing of food and non-food contact surfaces are critical to overall food safety and consumer confidence but it can be confusing and complicated for employees. Traditional sanitizing methods such as ‘rag and bucket’ sanitizing methods can require many steps and each step presents an opportunity for failure, reducing the efficacy of the sanitizer and potentially leaving behind harmful pathogens. Selecting the proper cleaning agent is critical to food safety compliance. Fast paced industries deserve an on-demand, ready to use solution and we have just the product!

PREVENT CROSS-CONTAMINATION#P56784 Sani Professional® No-Rinse Sanitizing Multi-Surface Wipes

Pre-moistened with quaternary ammonium chloride, Sani Professional® Sani-Wipe® No-Rinse Sanitizing Wipes are EPA Registered, U.S. Food Code Compliant and NSF-listed.

These multi-surface sanitizing wipes kill 99.999% of the most common foodborne pathogens such as Listeria monocytogenes, E coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Shigella boydi within 60 seconds! (See Technical Data Bulletin for details here.)

“1 in 6 Americans get sick from eating contaminated food; over 100,000 people are hospitalized and as many as 3,000 die as a result of foodborne illness.”


The new formula is 2X's as potent as the previous formula, delivering an average of 380 ppm (175 ppm previously). The upgraded wipe picks up more crumbs and food debris, and is 43% thicker than the previous product.

The non-corrosive formula dries 50% faster and leaves virtually no spotting, streaking and filming. These pre-measured, pre-moistened 7.75” x 9” sanitizing wipes consistently deliver the right amount of active ingredients in every wipe and requires no rinsing! This sanitizing protocol makes employee training and compliance a breeze making them ideal during times of turn over.


This product is recommended for use in retail food establishments, including: food service facilities, restaurants, cafeterias, kitchens, dining halls, grocery stores, delicatessens, mobile food establishments, food manufacturing facilities, food packaging facilities, and food processing facilities.


Sani Professional® can be safely applied to aluminum, chrome, Corian, finished wood, finished polyurethane, Formica, glazed porcelain surfaces, laminated surfaces, laminated wood, metal, polystyrene, quartz, sealed cement, sealed granite, sealed synthetic marble, steel surfaces, sealed stone surfaces, stainless steel Do not use on natural marble, windows, unpainted wood, brass, clear plastic or colored grout.

Staying in compliance is made easy! Sanitize food contact surfaces from large food prep areas to small kitchen wares with these sanitizing tool. All you need to do is…

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